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Agriculture – embargo on Ukrainian grain, what then? Minister Robert Telus without support from the government and the president – says the expert

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What if the European Union lifts the embargo on Ukrainian grain, which ends on September 15 exactly? Farmers ask this question to Minister Robert Telus. The head of the Ministry of Agriculture says that Poland will introduce its own ban together with a coalition of frontline countries. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Farmers are rubbing the grain and wringing their hands because it keeps raining. Watching for the sun, two dry days to harvest the grain. Although the months are going to be dry.

– If someone has a backlog of grain from last year and is to add wet grain, it is not known what he will do with it – said Andrzej Sobociński, a farmer from Żuławy.

And last year’s crops are still in arrears of several million tons. This is the effect of the crisis related to the flooding of the Polish market with Ukrainian crops. Billions were frantically poured out to compensate farmers. An embargo has been negotiated with the European Commission, but that ends in a month and a week.

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The question of what to do next, the members of the Agricultural Circles decided to ask the Minister of Agriculture, because they consider the actions insufficient. – The government pursues an internally contradictory policy, because one time it expresses hope and demand for the regulation of agricultural markets towards the European Union, and on the other hand, when it comes to the judiciary or other regulations, they do not recognize the European Union. This is the paranoia that Morawiecki’s government has fallen into, said Władysław Serafin, president of the National Union of Farmers and Agricultural Organizations.

“Telus creates conditions, but there is no support from the government camp, especially the presidential camp”

Farmers have an ambiguous opinion about Minister Telus, but they appreciate that he wants to talk. And apparently he also talks on the EU forum. The minister stated that after September 15, Ukrainian grain will not flood the Polish market. – We have an agreement of five countries, but I would like it to be settled amicably, to be an EU decision. It would be much better, he said.

That’s right, it would. Only to carry it out, you need to conduct a massive diplomatic campaign. To convince countries that are not convinced that the entire community should be responsible for the logistics of Ukrainian grain deliveries to the whole of Europe, and not only to the front-line countries.

– At this debate, where I represented five countries, there were not many such opponents. There was a majority of such people who understand the situation – said Telus.

Robert TelusPAP/Albert Zawada

– Personally, I think that Telus creates conditions, but there is no support from the government camp, especially the presidential one – said Serafin. This is the predecessor of Robert Telus – looking back two ministers.

Jan Krzysztof Ardanowskinow an adviser to the president Andrzej Dudadoesn’t bite his tongue. – You can no longer tell people that Putin is to blame for everything, because it was not him who imported grain from Ukraine, but Polish companies that earned a few billion zlotys on it. Meanwhile, the peasants have lost a few billion and now they need to be saved from the budget, Ardanowski told “Wprost”.

Questions about company lists, no answer

The list of these companies was demanded by Agrounia, which entered the Ministry of Agriculture by force two weeks ago. But – and here we come to the lack of support from the rest of the government – the minister’s political background does not help him. The treasury does not want to reveal the list, because it hides itself as a fiscal secret, which, however, did not apply even in November to the Pomeranian Voivode – also a government official. The next meeting with Agrounia was supposed to take place this week, but it probably won’t happen.

Janusz Kowalski vs Michał Kołodziejczak. A brawl in the corridor of the Ministry of Agriculture TVN24

– At the moment I have no solution when it comes to letters and at the moment I have nothing to meet because I will not promise them anything – Telus said on Wednesday.

So the current state of affairs is that Minister Telus likes to talk. But the specifics that farmers look for like the sun in this rainy harvest are missing. AND elections in just over 60 days.

Main photo source: PAP/Albert Zawada

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