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Agrounia at the Ministry of Agriculture. Janusz Kowalski vs. Michał Kołodziejczak – what was it all about?

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Representatives of Agrounia entered the Ministry of Agriculture on Thursday, demanding the disclosure of a list of grain trading companies from Ukraine. In the corridor of the ministry, there was a sharp exchange of views between Deputy Minister Janusz Kowalski and farmers and activists of Agrounia, led by its leader Michał Kołodziejczak. Politicians shouted over each other for more than 20 minutes.

– Guys, this is a scandal, we actually came here for a normal meeting, and it’s all surrounded by police. They do not want to answer any question they have received here, deceive, shout and cheat – said Michał Kołodziejczak, the leader of Agrounia, from the window of the Ministry of Agriculture. Kołodziejczak demanded the disclosure of a list of grain trading companies Ukraine.

– He doesn’t want to do it, he said he can’t, he won’t. This is the first point on which we want to move forward. We are drawn into a political game between Tusk and Kaczyński. It’s terrible,’ Kołodziejczak said.

Michał Kołodziejczak talks to a TVN24 reporter from the ministry’s windowTVN24

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Barge. “They released a furious Kowalski on us”

– This meeting lasted several hours, and it started with Janusz Kowalski’s bestial attack on us, on our various activists – Kołodziejczak said after leaving the ministry. The initially calm greeting of politicians in the corridor of the ministry quickly turned into a brawl. Recordings of the meeting were posted on social media.

– Disgrace, disgrace! – shouted those present in the Ministry of Agriculture. – Stop screaming, six billion zlotys Donald Tusk wants to take away from Polish farmers. Why don’t you protest? Kowalski shouted back. – You are Tusk’s footstool – he added, turning to Kołodziejczak. – You’re a liar, a real liar. You rule for so many years and you have to pay extra – answered the leader of Agrounia.

Janusz Kowalski and Michał Kołodziejczak Twitter/@EKOlodziejczak_

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture repeatedly silenced Kołodziejczak. – Shut up, I say! he shouted. ‘You can’t do anything here, you don’t have the slightest competence,’ answered Kołodziejczak.

Deputy Minister Kowalski also discussed with other people in the corridor.

– Why does Michał Kołodziejczak want to take away six billion from Polish farmers? he asked. After a while, he returned to arguing with the leader of Agrounia.

– Like Lech Kaczynski alive, he would never have allowed it,” Kołodziejczak said. – For what? Kowalski replied. – You humiliate the Polish countryside. Lech Kaczynski is turning over in his grave. Get to work and shut up man. – Why do you support Tusk? You are fighting for a place on the Civic Platform list! – John, go to work! – Go to work, just Kołodziejczak. Why is Agrounia quiet when they take money? Defend the Polish interest in the Senate!

The entire exchange of views in the corridor of the Ministry of Agriculture lasted over 20 minutes.

“They released an angry Kowalski on us” – Kołodziejczak commented on the event on Twitter.

“Mr. Michał, you should be in the Senate today, where Donald Tusk’s PO receives 6 billion in aid for farmers! Why don’t you defend billions in aid for farmers? For 2 weeks you do not want to meet Robert Telus despite the open door of the ministry” – he reacted to this post Kowalski.

Kołodziejczak in the ministry

– Purchases buy below production costs. This represents eight years Law and Justice with Polish agriculture did nothing good. They led to a total collapse, which today is spreading in the Polish countryside, and will spread more widely in a moment – said Kołodziejczak at a conference organized in front of the Ministry of Agriculture after 3 pm.

The leader of Agrounia said that representatives of the initiative practically every day asked for a meeting with the authorities of the ministry, but to no avail.

– I wrote a document over two weeks ago about wanting to meet the Minister of Agriculture. He replied that he was meeting others, he would not be with us. It was a blow below the belt. A week ago (…) I called the minister, he said he would meet, but he did not set a date, he did not call back. And it shows that they say they want to talk, but they really don’t want to and are not ready to talk. Today, as we said, we came to the meeting. This shows that Agrounia will always achieve the goal. If they won’t let us in, we’ll go in,” Kołodziejczak said.

Michał Kołodziejczak says that the ministry does not want to talk to them and about Janusz Kowalski’s attackTVN24

The leader of Agrounia accused politicians that “they want to kill the public debate, cover it with other political parties, with some other games of their own”.

– Four hours ago we entered the Ministry of Agriculture. Believe me, I have not heard any substantive solution to the problem, which is talked about a lot in the media, about which the Minister of Agriculture talks. none. We proposed, we extended our hand – reported Kołodziejczak.

– Let me just remind you that the problems we are talking about today, problems in the Polish countryside, which affect, among others, soft fruit, are caused by the fact that in 2018, under the rule of Law and Justice, the largest processing plant Appol was sold to the Chinese. And today someone will say here (at the Ministry of Agriculture – editor’s note) that there are problems in the countryside because we do not have our own processing, so damn it, who allowed it to be sold? – said the excited Kołodziejczak.

Minister Telus on “intrusion”

During a press conference on Thursday, Agriculture Minister Robert Telus referred to Agrounia’s entry into his ministry, saying that “it was an unannounced visit”. Telus also reported that a meeting with Agrounia was held. He added that the ministry “is ready for talks with unions and political parties, but we are concerned about an intrusion that violates good manners.”

Main photo source: Twitter/@EKOlodziejczak_

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