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Air disaster in Chrcynno. The prosecutor’s office announces an investigation, all victims have been identified

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The District Prosecutor’s Office in Pułtusk announced the initiation of an investigation into the crash of the Cessna 208 plane, which on Monday fell on the hangar at the airport in Chrcynno near Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. Five people were killed and at least seven were injured, two of them seriously. The crash site is guarded by the police.

The head of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Pułtusk, Jolanta Świdnicka, informed the Polish Press Agency on Tuesday that the incident report was received on Monday at 19.39. “The prosecutor came to the scene,” she said. – On Monday, the inspection of the accident site began. Two prosecutors from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Pułtusk, with the participation of an expert pathologist, examined the place where the corpses were found and the external examination of the bodies, she explained.

– As a result of this accident, five people died – four men and one woman. Among the victims is the pilot of the plane involved in the accident, she said. The prosecutor added that the identity of the second person was also established. “Identifications still need to be made for the other three,” she noted.

Prosecutor Jolanta Świdnicka also reported that, according to information from the early hours of Tuesday morning, eight people were helped in the hospital, two of whom did not regain consciousness. – Activities at the scene lasted until about 4 am. Members of the State Commission for Investigation of Aircraft Accidents also took part in the inspection of the accident site, she said. – The inspection will resume on Tuesday morning. During the inspection, the wreckage of the plane will be excavated, she announced.

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She also added that an investigation into the plane crash will be launched on Tuesday at the District Prosecutor’s Office in Pułtusk.

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Inspection is underway

– Crews are on site all the time. Policemen and firefighters also worked all night. Police officers supervised by the prosecutor’s office carried out inspections until late at night. There were also representatives of the State Commission for Investigation of Aircraft Accidents. These activities will be continued today, said Sylwester Marczak, spokesman for the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

He noted that specialized equipment will be used in these activities in the disaster area. – We are talking about a laser scanner here. It is a device that allows for a very detailed examination of the scene of the event. Files are generated from this device, which are later used during the investigation. We are talking about very detailed measurements here – said Marczak.

In addition, police officers perform further procedural steps related to the interrogation of persons. We are talking about dozens of people.

“Victims have been identified”

– All victims of the plane crash in Chrcynno have been identified – Marczak also noted. However, he added that he would not talk about the details until the prosecutor’s office decided to do so.

– I think that in this case, the prosecutor’s office in Pułtusk will most likely provide such information at a later date – he said.

Referring to the possible lifting of the wreck, he emphasized that all inspections related to the accident site must first be carried out. – After completing the activities, we will also have to deal with examining the wreck itself and taking it away from here – he said.

When asked about the participants in the disaster, he noted that “we are talking about people who were somewhat related to the airport.” However, he did not indicate whether it was employees or people who were at the landing site together with people who performed flights there.

The most severely injured were taken to hospitals in Warsaw

The two most seriously injured people were transported by helicopters of the Polish Medical Air Rescue to the Bródnowski Hospital and the Military Medical Institute at Szaserów St. Both are men in their 40s. They suffered severe chest injuries and craniocerebral injuries.

– If a communication or aviation-related incident takes place, it is a kind of catastrophe for us from the perspective of the procedure structure. We do not always know how difficult the patient’s condition is – said Piotr Gołaszewski, spokesman for the Bródnowski Hospital, in an interview with TVN24 reporter. In the context of the condition of the man brought here on Monday, he said that the medics are waiting for the results of the actions taken. – It’s hard to say anything more. Time is always needed to see if the actions taken gave the best result, i.e. a gradual recovery. The patient is under very good care, he said.

People who suffered minor injuries were transported to hospitals in Płońsk and Ciechanów. According to TVN24 reporter Jan Piotrowski, they suffered mainly fractures. Among them is a few-year-old child.

The airport is guarded by policemen

On Monday evening, a small passenger plane crashed into a hangar at the airstrip in Chrcynno near Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. There were people in the hangar.

The vicinity of the airport is guarded by policemen. The airport area is fenced with tape. Policemen can also be seen on the grassy plate. However, from one of the hangars you can see the protruding tail of the plane. An unidentified large part of the machine lies on the airfield itself. There is silence at the crash site on Monday.

There are low buildings on the premises of the flying club, one of them houses the headquarters of the parachute section, which organizes parachute jumps.


Footage from the moment of the crash shows how a small plane flying just above the ground at high speed hits a building located at the airport. During the recorded flight, the machine was tilted strongly to the left.

– The video shows the plane making a very deep turn, at very high bank angles, at a very low altitude. This is the last phase of this flight, a very critical phase, because the plane is on the verge of losing lift, or actually after losing lift, when the plane hits the hangar – described Tomasz Balcerzak from the Institute of Aviation and Space Law at Lazarski University on TVN24.

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Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

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