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Airports. A “joke” that doesn't make anyone laugh and a wasted vacation

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The holiday season is just beginning, and some people have already managed to ruin their holiday plans with “jokes”. Only at Masovian airports were there a few such “pranksters”. They apologized, but it was too late. Each time it ended the same: shame in front of other passengers, withdrawal from the cruise and a ticket “as a souvenir”.

The last such incident occurred on Thursday, June 20, at Chopin Airport. One of the passengers who was supposed to fly to Morocco announced that he had dynamite in his luggage. He was immediately isolated from other travelers and identified, and his luggage was thoroughly checked. – The 48-year-old apologized for his behavior, admitting that he had made an unfortunate joke. However, due to the offense committed, he received a fine and, unfortunately, he was also withdrawn from the cruise and from passport control – said Capt. Dagmara Bielec, press officer of the commander of the Nadwiślański Border Guard Unit.

“Garnet” before the flight

A few days earlier, the 52-year-old died at his own request he did not fly to the Cape Verde Islands. At the airport he “joked” that he had a grenade in his luggage. Border guards intervened. He got a ticket and the captain didn't let him board the plane.

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Three in one day

There were days when there were more “pranksters”. On one June Saturday, as many as three. First, before flying to Nice, the 21-year-old stated that there was a grenade in his luggage. Then a 32-year-old passenger departing for Alicante “joked” that he had two bombs in his suitcase. However, when checking in for a cruise to Kos, a 44-year-old resident of Wyszków County stated that he had dynamite.

Captain Dagmara Bielec said that each incident occurred every half hour, hindering the smooth flow of check-ins.

Art. 210. 1. Who: 5a) contrary to the obligation specified in Art. 83a section 1 of the Act does not apply to an order or prohibition contained in organizational regulations issued pursuant to Art. 83a section 2 applicable at the airport, – is punishable by a fine.

Also in Radom

There were also jokers at the airport in Radom. – According to the statement of the ground handler of passengers departing to Larnaca, one of the travelers stated that he had dangerous items in his luggage, including a bomb – said the spokeswoman of the Nadwiślański Border Guard Unit.

Of course, he had to change his holiday plans.

Not only men

At Chopin Airport, a 54-year-old ruined her holiday by saying during check-in that she had it in her luggage “some bomb and some drugs.” She didn't go to Egypt.

We ask you not to joke about bombs and explosives, because every signal of a possible threat is immediately checked. This involves initiating appropriate procedures, which may result in disruptions to the operation of the airport, delays in departures, as well as sanctions in the form of a fine and loss of the plane ticket.

Main photo source: NOSG

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