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Alanis Morissette released a statement on the movie “Jagged”

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“It wasn’t a story I agreed to tell,” Alanis Morisette said in a statement. This is a reaction to the premiere of a documentary in which her story from her teenage years was told. The singer admitted there that she was a victim of multiple rapes.

This week, at the Toronto International Film Festival, the premiere of the documentary “Jagged” dedicated to Alanis Morisette. There, the 47-year-old Canadian singer describes numerous cases of statutory rape during her teenage years. In Canada, the age of sexual consent is 16, and sexual intercourse with a person under this age is considered rape.


“It took many years of therapy to accept the fact that I was a victim of a crime,” she said in the documentary. – I still had in mind that I had consented to it. Then I thought, “You were only 15, at that age you don’t make decisions like that.” Now I know that they were all pedophiles and it was rape – she admitted.

“I trusted someone I should never have trusted”

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The artist agreed to be interviewed for the document, but after its premiere, she issued a statement in which she expressed disappointment with how her story was told. She noted that she had given an interview “at a very difficult time” for herself, during the third postpartum depression, during the lockdown.

“I was dormant with a false sense of security, and their lewd plan became clear immediately after watching the first clip of the film,” she wrote. “I found out that our visions are in fact painfully divergent. It was not a story that I agreed to tell. Now I have to deal with the consequences of trusting someone I should never have trusted,” she noted.

Alanis MorisetteRob Ball / WireImage / Getty Images

She noted that “like many ‘stories’ and unauthorized biographies over the years, this one also has implications and facts that are simply not true.” “While there are some beautiful, consistent elements to the story, I will ultimately not support someone else’s simplifying approach to a story too nuanced to ever capture or tell,” she added.

Morissette refused to participate in the event related to the promotion of the film due to, among other things, the ongoing tour.

Both the makers of the film and its producer have not commented on the singer’s statement yet.

Prior to the singer’s announcement, documentary director Alison Klayman mentioned Morisette’s absence from the premiere, expressing the hope that she would become involved in promoting the film at some point. “Of course I wish Alanis were there,” she said. “It was an honor to make this movie, I’m really proud of it,” she added.

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