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Alarm levels in Poland. There is the Prime Minister’s decision

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki signed orders that extend the validity of the alert levels until November 30, 2023: third level CHARLIE-CRP, second level BRAVO throughout the country and second level BRAVO for Polish energy infrastructure located outside Poland.

In accordance with the orders of the head of government, the alert levels cover the whole of Poland, and the BRAVO level also covers the Polish energy infrastructure located outside the country. The grades are valid until November 30, at 23.59.

What do the alert levels mean?

CHARLIE-CRP is the third of the four alert levels specified in the Act on Anti-Terrorist Activities. It is introduced in the event of an event confirming the probable purpose of a terrorist attack in cyberspace or obtaining reliable information about a planned event.

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Alert level BRAVO (second on a four-point scale) is introduced in the event of an increased and foreseeable threat of a terrorist event. This means that the services have information about a potential threat, and therefore the public administration is obliged to be particularly vigilant.

Alert levels in Polandgov.pl

Signal for services

Alert levels are primarily a signal to the services to be ready for action.

In the case of the BRAVO rank, the tasks of the services include, among others: increased control of large groups of people, public utility facilities and other facilities that may become the target of terrorist attacks. Uniformed officers and soldiers securing places that may become a target are required to carry long weapons and bulletproof vests. The administration’s tasks include, among others: introducing bans on unauthorized persons entering kindergartens, schools and universities.

At the CHARLIE-CRP alert level, administrators of systems key to the functioning of individual institutions must be on duty 24 hours a day. You should also be prepared to put in place plans to maintain business continuity after a potential attack, including a quick and failure-free shutdown of servers.

“During the alert level, special attention should be paid to any non-standard situations and potential threats, for example: unusually behaving people, packages, bags or backpacks left unattended in public places, cars (especially transport ones) parked near assembly places,” he reminds Ministry of Interior and Administration.

Alert levels in Polandgov.pl

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