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Alaska. Attacked by a wolf and a bear at the same time. The mother tried to protect the young [Wideo]

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Video of a moose defending a moose from a wolf and bear attack was captured in Alaska. The short video shows the female chasing away one of the predators, while the other one takes advantage of the adult’s inattention and tries to attack the cubs. It shows how dramatic the relationships between species can be.

Each ecosystem is a network of connections between the species of animals, plants and microorganisms that make it up. As video shared on social media by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game shows, these interactions can sometimes be truly dramatic.

Coordinated attack?

The footage was captured this summer in Glacier Bay National Park in southeast Alaska and was posted on social media in late August. It shows a dramatic fight between a moose and her cub with two predators. At some point, the female noticed a pair of eyes belonging to a brown bear nearby. Moose attacked, wanting to defend the cub, but at that moment another predator entered the action. The wolf rushed after the moose, which had escaped the field of view of the camera trap.

– It is these fantastic dynamics that make the Alaskan wilderness unique – said Rick Steiner, an environmental consultant who has been researching Alaska’s natural resources for years, in an interview with LiveScience.

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As the expert explained, brown bears and wolves sometimes feed on moose. Although the predators did not seem to cooperate with each other, they were probably aware of each other’s presence. A wolf – and possibly hidden members of his pack – might have lurked nearby and used the commotion to attack the cubs.

“I’d bet on a moose”

It is not clear who won the fight between the moose and the bear, and whether the wolf managed to catch the moose. However, the moose was not lost – adult individuals can reach up to 1.8 meters in height, and their powerful kicks can effectively scare away even dangerous predators. In addition, the bear seemed quite young.

“I’d bet on moose in this case,” Steiner said. He added that after winning the fight, the elk probably ran after the cub, trying to fend off the wolf or wolves – and also having an advantage over them.

LiveScience, ADF&G Southeast Alaska

Main photo source: ADF&G, Southeast Alaska

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