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Alaska, USA. The moose entered the hospital, ate the plants in the lobby, and caused quite a stir

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Such a scene could have come from a comedy movie, but it really happened. On Thursday, medical staff at a hospital in Anchorage, Alaska, had to chase away a moose.

A young elk was looking for food in snowdrifts near the Providence Alaska Health Park hospital building on Thursday. He saw the green plants that stood in the hall of the hospital. He decided to go inside and take a look at them. As he stepped through the door, he activated the sensors.

Moose in the hospital. “Everybody was excited, they were taking pictures”

“We received a call from one of our security guards that there was a moose on the property,” said Randy Hughes, the hospital’s chief security officer. The man added that it was probably the same elk that sometimes hangs around the campus. And although they are very common animals in Alaska, they can potentially be a threat. “But it seemed like a magnet for people to come over and look at him. An unusual moose enters the building, so everyone was excited, took pictures – he said.

But the moose was too busy eating the plants in the hall to notice the commotion it caused.

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“He was fed up with all the followers”

To get rid of the animal, security personnel formed a semicircle. Thus, they separated him from access to the rest of the building so that he left the building. One of the bodyguards even tore off some of the plant that the animal liked so much and wanted to lure it out. The animal finally realized what was going on and left on its own.

“I think he got fed up with all the followers,” Hughes said.

Once outside, he lay down in the snow and began his post-dinner siesta.

It wasn’t the first time an “unexpected patient” had entered the hospital. The complex had been visited by moose before, once a bear tried to enter there. As Hughes said, that means it’s never “boring” here.

Main photo source: Providence Alaska/Facebook

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