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Alec Baldwin and the tragedy on the set of “Rust”. The weapons expert was supposed to be “hangover”

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Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who acted as a firearms expert on the film set where Alec Baldwin fatally shot the operator, “probably had a hangover” during the shoot, according to the prosecutor’s office. According to investigators, the woman allegedly drank alcohol and smoked marijuana in the evenings after working on the film.

Such accusations appeared in a document submitted by the prosecutor’s office to the court on June 9. It was in response to a May request from Gutierrez-Reed’s lawyers, in which they called for the withdrawal of the involuntary manslaughter charge against her. The prosecutor’s office noted in its document that the defendant had a record of reckless behavior and that it was in the public interest that she finally “be held accountable.”

Jason Bowles, a lawyer for Gutierrez-Reed, was quoted by ABC News as criticizing the prosecutor’s actions. – The case is being handled so badly that they have now decided to resort to claims accusing Hannah of murder. Apparently, the prosecution has abandoned the idea of ​​dispensing justice and getting to the truth, Bowles said in a statement on June 13.

ABC News explains that Gutierrez-Reed’s initial court hearing will take place in August. The judge then has to decide whether there are grounds for the trial to continue.

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Tragedy on the set of the movie “Rust”

The tragedy on the set of the movie “Rust”, where the then 24-year-old Gutierrez-Reed was responsible for firearms, occurred on October 21, 2021. While filming at the Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, the state capital of New York Mexico in the southern United States, 43-year-old cameraman Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot with a pistol held by Baldwin. Director Joel Souza was also injured. The actor explained that he was convinced that there were no real cartridges in the magazine. After the tragedy, work on the film was suspended, it was revived – with Baldwin in the cast and husband Hutchins as producer – in April of that year.

Alec Baldwin Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Alec Baldwin exonerated

In the fall of 2022, CNN reported that Alec Baldwin had reached a settlement with the family of the shot operator. Under the agreement, work on the film was to resume in January. However, on January 19, New Mexico prosecutors announced that the actor would be charged with involuntary manslaughter. Baldwin heard him two weeks later. The same allegation was made against Gutierrez-Reed. In late April, Baldwin’s lawyers reported that prosecutors dropped the criminal charges against the actor.

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Main photo source: Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

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