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Alec Baldwin. Death on the set of “Rust”. CNN: In 2019, there were complaints about an assistant director

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Complaints have been filed against assistant director Dave Halls about non-compliance with security procedures and his behavior on set during two productions in 2019, reports CNN. Journalists got to the accounts of two people who worked closely with the man who handed the prop for the weapon to Alec Baldwin before the fatal accident on the set of the movie “Rust”.

The assistant director of “Rust,” who handed the gun to Alec Baldwin before the fatal shooting of cameraman Halyna Hutchins, was left earlier fired from another film production, also after a gun incident – reports CNN. It turns out that there were a number of complaints against Dave Halls in 2019. These included disregarding firearms and pyrotechnics safety protocols, blocking fire belts and exits, and inappropriate behavior towards other people in the workplace.


Actor Alec BaldwinPAP / EPA / JUSTIN LANE

Maggie Goll, who is responsible for prop preparation and a licensed pyrotechnician, said that during the work on the TV series “Into the Dark” for the US station Hulu in February and May 2019 there were incidents involving Dave Halls – including the neglect of the organization of safety meetings , as well as his failure to report the presence of a firearm on the set.

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Complaints about Dave Halls for non-compliance with safety rules

The only reason people knew there was a firearm on the set, as Maggie Goll explained, was that “the assistant prop technician was asking Dave to confirm and announce that fact every day.”

Maggie Goll reported that during the production of the series, the person responsible for props “announced every day when the camera would be needed for a weapon, as well as how to dispose of the weapon – regardless of whether it was rubber, plastic or uncharged, with the possibility of displaying and check it before using it on a movie set. “

The propeller was often supposed to reprimand Dave for allowing the actor to leave the production area without the required props, including weapons, or for failing to announce the presence of a gun on the set.

Alec Baldwin fatally shot a cinematographer on a movie set 2021 Cable News Network All Right Reserved

Goll also noted a situation where Halls asked to continue shooting while a licensed pyrotechnician was receiving medical attention. “I told him they could film whatever they wanted, but there would be no fire or sparks on set until the medic, fire safety officer, and all my colleagues were safely back on set,” she explained.

CNN also reached out to another person who was working with Halls. The man anonymously admitted that Maggie Goll’s accounts are true. He confirmed that the security meetings were brief, and Halls dismissed the matter dismissively, saying that the weapon used would be the same one that had been used recently.

Halls, CNN found out, was said to have “complained that the gun was tested before the scene where the actress was supposed to put a gun to her head and pull the trigger.” Goll and another production worker also talked about another situation where Halls insisted on continuing to work during a storm, where lights were in contact with mud and wires were exposed to rain. Then the crew members were to protest for their safety.

Complaints about Halls’ misconduct

She did not complain about Halls’ misbehavior towards people on set Goll, but mentioned that “on the first day after returning to work on the show, another member of the set told her to ‘watch out’ for Dave, explaining that she was too close to Dave. people working on the set, despite some comments and complaints about unwanted and unnecessary physical contact. “

No “extreme behavior” was reported during work, she admitted, but workers of both sexes felt discomfort when Dave touched their back, waist or shoulders. Goll said she filed a complaint with production company Blumhouse Productions. She also said she had reported the situation to the Directors Guild of America, but “to the best of her knowledge, nothing has been done about it.”

Main photo source: Roberto E. Rosales / The Albuquerque Journal via AP

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