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Alec Baldwin shot the cinematographer. Record of the call to the emergency number

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While shooting for the Western “Rust,” actor Alec Baldwin fatally shot 42-year-old cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured film director Joel Souza. The American media published a record of the plan manager’s telephone conversation with the emergency number operator. – He should check the gun. He is responsible for what happened – says the woman on the recording.

Down tragic event took place on the set of Bonanza Creek Ranch, New Mexico, on Thursday. According to preliminary findings of the police, an accident took place. So far, no one has been charged.

After shooting the cinematographer and director, the film crew called 911 to call for help. On Friday, Fox News released a transcript of the plan manager’s conversation with the emergency number operator.


Call log from 911

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– Bonanza Creek Ranch. We have two people accidentally shot on a movie set by a prop gun, said the caller from the movie set. “We need immediate help,” she added.

The woman who introduced herself as the director of the set reported that the people shot were “director” and “cameraman”. She said she didn’t know if the gun was loaded with live ammunition. “We have two wounded from a film gun shot,” she repeated.

The tragedy involving Alec Baldwin happened on the set at Bonanza Creek RanchENEX

– Those damn AD (probably director’s assistants – ed.) Were yelling at me during lunch (…). Those fuckin ‘sons … Did you see how he came to my desk and started yelling at me? He should check this gun. He is responsible for what happened – the clearly nervous woman says in the recording. It is not known who she was addressing when she said these words.

The caller then informed the operator that the accident occurred during a rehearsal on a movie set in New Mexico. She couldn’t tell if the victims were “bleeding seriously.” At this point, the woman handed the phone over to the man who said that both shot people had one wound each. He added that Hutchins and Souza were under the care of a medic who was on the set. He then instructed the operator on how to find the ranch where the accident happened. Then the conversation ended.

Bonanza Creek Ranch Roberto E. Rosales / The Albuquerque Journal via AP

A tragic accident on the set

Court files in this case were made public on Friday. A report detailing the tragic incident of Thursday was drawn up following an application for a desert ranch search warrant from the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office. Baldwin’s bloody costume was examined, as were the weapons from which the fatal shot was fired, and all other props and materials that were to be used for the shooting.

The gun was one of three that the film’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez, placed in a cart in front of the scene building. Assistant director Dave Halls took the gun from the cart and carried it to Baldwin. – This is a cold weapon (no live ammunition – ed.) – he said to the actor, handing him a pistol. He was unaware that it was loaded with sharp bullets. Such conclusions were included by investigators in court documents. It is not known how many shots were fired.

Bonanza Creek Ranch is a farm often rented by filmmakers, especially for shooting westerns. Recently, Tom Hanks shot scenes for his movie “News from the World”.

The return of the debate about the use of weapons in movies

After this event, the American press revived questions about the safety of filming in which weapons were to be used. Other such tragedies from the past are recalled, such as the one in 1993, when Brandon Lee, son of the legendary actor and master of eastern martial arts Bruce Lee, died on a film set as a result of being shot.

According to Steven Hall, a seasoned British cinematographer, the security protocol for the use of weapons on film sets in the United States has improved significantly in recent years. However, Hall added that one of the most risky situations in which you can find yourself on set is standing behind the camera – then that person is in the firing line in scenes where the actor appears to be pointing a gun at the audience.

Actor Alec BaldwinPAP / EPA / JUSTIN LANE

The producer of the ABC police series The Rookie announced on Friday that the actors would not use any weapons on set because “the safety of our cast and crew is too important.”

The AP agency reminds that the guns used in filming are sometimes real weapons that can fire sharp bullets or blanks, i.e. gunpowder loads that produce flash and bang, but do not contain a bullet. However, even semi-finished products can eject hot gases and paper or plastic wadding from the barrel, which can be fatal at close range. This was the case with the actor’s death in 1984.

“Shock and Sorrow” by Alec Baldwin

“There are no words to express my shock and sadness over the tragic accident in which Halyna Hutchins, wife, mother and our admired friend died. I fully cooperate with the police in investigating this tragedy” – wrote a devastated Baldwin on Twitter . The sheriff’s office, which investigated the case, said that no one had ever been charged.

Born in 1958, Baldwin is one of the most recognizable American actors. He has starred in such films as “Married to the Mafia”, “The Hunt for Red October”, “The Bridegroom”, “The Gangster Escape” and “Notting Hill”. He was a staunch critic of former US President Donald Trump, whom he parodied on the NBC entertainment show “Saturday Night Live,” for which he won an Emmy in 2017.

Main photo source: Roberto E. Rosales / The Albuquerque Journal via AP

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