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Aleksander Rowiński is dead. The writer and publicist died at the age of 90

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Aleksander Rowiński is dead. The writer and journalist died on Saturday in Inowrocław at the age of 90, informed his son Lech Rowiński.

Aleksander Rowiński was born on March 9, 1931 in Częstochowa. In the years 1954-1957 he was a journalist of Dziennik Zachodni, and later the author of texts for such magazines as “Po Prostu”, “Perspektywy”, “Przemiany”, “Prawo i Życie”, “Życie Literackie” and “Kultura”. In the years 1955-1962 he was a member of the Crooked Circle Club. From 1961, Rowiński was a member of the Association of Polish Journalists. From 1975 he was also a member of the Polish Writers’ Union, and in 1990-1998 he was a member of the Presidium of the Main Board.

“He was a co-founder of the Polish school of reportage. Originator and co-editor of the book series ‘Ekspres reporterów’, which in the 1980s was one of the most widely read titles in Poland. ‘Ekspres reporters’ was closed in 1981 by the communist authorities after the publication of the volume ‘Eighteen long days’ ‘- about the strike in the Gdańsk Shipyard’, we read in the information sent by Lech Rowiński.

In the years 1982-1983, Rowiński was the editor-in-chief of “Przegląd Tygodniowy”. Later, he was associated with the monthly “Kontrasty”. In the years 1984-1987 he co-created many formats for Polish Television. As it was recalled in the information, “in 1987 he founded the publishing house Oficyna Literatów ‘Rój’ in Warsaw, referring to the tradition of the pre-war publishing house of Melchior Wańkowicz”. For a decade, Rowiński published and was the editor-in-chief of “Kaleidoscope” – the on-board journal of LOT Polish Airlines.

He is the author of many books, including: “Under the white-red flag” (1966), “Anioły Warszawy” (1969), “The world ends” (1972), “In better society” (1975), “Szpakami fed “(1978, together with Stefan Kozicki),” Tamci soldiers “(1979),” Back the clock hand “(1980),” Poison or love “(1985, published under the pseudonym Alex Rovin).

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Aleksander Rowiński was the laureate of many awards of the Association of Polish Journalists, the Association of Polish Writers, incl. awards Witold Hulewicz.

The information also stated that Rowiński “was the first – and so far the only – biographer of the Jewish hero of World War II, Szmul Zygielbojm.” He devoted many years of his life to the work on the book “Zygielbojma death and life”. “Both of Szmul’s brothers – Fajwel and Ruven – placed their trust and friendship in him,” it was reported. The book has had two editions (2000, 2004) and has also been translated into German. Rowiński is also a script writer for such films as “Short Life” (1976) and “Incas in Poland” (2005).

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