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Aleksandr Lukashenko and the Spitz dog Umka. Comment

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Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko once again became the butt of jokes after he carried out a “troop inspection” accompanied by a small Spitz dog. – We saw comments on the Internet that “the generals reported to the dog Umka” – commented publicist Alaksandr Kłaskouski.

For several years, Alyaksandr Lukashenko has regularly appeared in public accompanied by a white Spitz dog, Umka, arousing ridicule and amusement and inspiring hundreds of Internet comments and memes. Umka's last high-profile public appearance took place during a “troop inspection” carried out by the Belarusian dictator near the border with Lithuania. With his dog on his lap, Lukashenko discussed with the military possible military operations in the region of the so-called Suwałki Isthmus in the event of a conflict with the West.

Lukashenko with his dog Umka (26/03/2024)president.gov.by

The dog Umka was already seen on a table with food set for Russian propagandist Naila Asker-zade at Lukashenko's residence in 2021, and a year later during a dinner with Belarusian officials. He was present during numerous meetings and even foreign visits in which Lukashenko participated. In one of the first videos with a Spitz, the Belarusian dictator is planting trees while holding the dog in a special basket for seedlings.

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During the visit to Samarkand, Lukashenko's personal doctor carried the dog that accompanied the delegation in a baby stroller. Umka also has photos on the table in the office of the President of Tajikistan and in the dolphinarium.

“It was not taken into account that this could turn into a joke”

– I think that after almost 30 years in power, Lukashenko has lost the sense of what is appropriate and what is not in a given situation. And since he is surrounded only by flatterers, it is clear that no one will dare to tell him that “maybe this is not the best idea.” And that if you want to look menacing, maybe a white fluffy ball on your lap doesn't necessarily fit this image. As a result, we saw comments on the Internet that “the generals were reporting to Umka's dog,” commented Alaksandr Kłaskouski, a publicist associated with the independent Pozirk portal.

Experts are unable to clearly assess to what extent Umka's role is planned and how much is accidental. Perhaps the dog's presence is intended to play a therapeutic role, although it is not clear whether for society or for Lukashenko himself.

Alyaksandr Lukashenko has been the Belarusian leader since 1994Reuters Archive

– Of course, this is pure speculation, because we don't know what it really is. Perhaps it's simply the aging dictator's need to have someone close to him. Previously, Lukashenko took his youngest son Kolya with him, but he is now an adult. Maybe Umka is supposed to be a creature who is sincerely attached, and doesn't suck up hoping for a promotion or out of fear, Kłaskouski wondered.

– The presence of the dog could have been an advice from political technologists to warm up the image of the “iron dictator”. But in this situation it was not taken into account that this idea could turn into an anecdote or a joke – said Kłaskouski.

Main photo source: president.gov.by

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