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Aleksandrów Kujawski. Anti-vaccinators entered the orphanage

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Anti-vaccinationists entered the orphanage in Aleksandrów Kujawski (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship). A group of four people complained that the charges of the facility were vaccinated against COVID-19. – They didn’t want to talk to me. They just came to intimidate me and attack me. It was a traumatic experience – says the director. She notified the police about the incident. The notification was also submitted by the anti-vaccine workers themselves, according to which the children were vaccinated without the consent of their guardians.

Anti-vaccinationists entered the orphanage in Aleksandrów Kujawski. As Alina Mikołajska, the director of the facility, says, four people had to take advantage of the moment when the food was delivered and they entered through the back door.

– These people did not want to talk to me. They just came to intimidate me and attack me. It was a very traumatic experience. The more that the children heard it, and it was also a difficult experience for them. Until now, they have been asking if I am fine, how do I feel, if I am not afraid, says Mikołajska.

The case was first described by “Wysokie Obcasy”. As the director told journalists, the father of four charges, who was legally deprived of parental rights, would be responsible for the situation. The man did not agree to vaccinate his children, but – as Mikołajska argues – the current legal guardian gave such consent.

Anti-vaccines surrounded the mobile vaccination point. The medics called the police, there will be 15 court applications.

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The application was submitted by the director and anti-vaccine workers

The director adds that when the group left the building after 20 minutes, there were shouting “murderers” in the street. The video of the incident was published by anti-vaccines on the Internet. At the end, it says that if the principal has vaccinated the children, “you know what to do with them.” Mikołajska treats it as a threat.


The police and the prosecutor’s office were notified about the case. As it turned out, the notification was submitted by the director, but also by the anti-vaccine workers themselves.

– According to the reporting of the applicant (one of the anti-vaccine group – ed.), There was a violation of the law in the socialization facility. The director, against the wishes of the parents, allowed children staying there to be vaccinated. According to the reporting person, there was no consent from the parents or legal guardians. In this case, the policemen from Aleksandrów are investigating the matter of forcing to certain behavior – says Asp. Marta Białkowska – Błachowicz from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Aleksandrów Kujawski. – At the same time, proceedings are underway to make threats against the director of the socialization institution. Threats were made by members of this association – he adds

Alina Mikołajska argues that the children were vaccinated with the consent of their legal guardian, for which she has the relevant documents.

Anti-vaccinators disrupted the mums picnic. “A dozen or so people raided the hospital grounds.”

Main photo source: TVN24

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