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Aleksandrow Lodzki. “Hung Bread”. Bakery customers can pay for bread for those in need

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People in a difficult financial situation who cannot afford to buy bread can get it for free in one of the bakeries in Aleksandrów Łódzki. Coupons donated by other residents hang on a specially set board. A person in need can remove the coupon and exchange it at the checkout for fresh rolls or bread.

The “Suspended Bread” campaign has been going on for several weeks and is very popular. And the idea was born before Christmas. At that time, as the owner of the bakery says, it was clear that life was getting harder and harder for people and they often couldn’t afford to buy bread.

“Hung Bread”. Bakery customers can pay for bread to those in needTVN24

There are coupons on the board that can be exchanged for bread

Every day, a dozen or so coupons funded by residents appear on a board specially set up in the bakery. People in need exchange them later at the cash register for bread or rolls. – The action is intended especially for those who, after paying bills and buying medicines, do not have enough money for food – explains the owner of the bakery, Teresa Stefańczyk. And he adds: – The action will continue until we feel that there is a need. That is, until the residents come to us and unstick coupons from this board.

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“Hung Bread”. Bakery customers can pay for bread to those in needTVN24

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Residents who want to help do not have to come in person

Residents who want to help the needy in this way do not have to come directly to the bakery. They can buy bread by depositing money into the account. – After such a payment, we send a receipt and hang such a coupon on the board, we also send the person a photo of this board, that this payment is made by us – explains the daughter of the owner of the bakery, Anna Stefańczyk. He also admits that at the beginning of the action – before Christmas – many people in need were ashamed to use the coupons. – The board was full. Nobody wanted to use it. However, later, when they saw that they did not have to explain themselves, they were happy to use it and come back – admits Stefanczyk.

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