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Alexei Navalny is missing. “It’s about his life, his health, his safety.”

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Where is Alexei Navalny and how is he doing? Such questions began to multiply when it turned out that an oppositionist imprisoned by the Putin regime did not appear at a remote court hearing. Then we learned from his lawyers that he had been transferred to another penal colony. It is not known where he ended up. It is also worth noting that contact with Navalny ended when Putin announced his willingness to run for president again.

It really is a matter of life and death. Russian services cannot be trusted. If we don’t know where Alexei Navalny is, we don’t know if he’s alive. – This is about his life, his health, his safety. Our priority is to find him as quickly as possible. Because right now he is completely alone. He is in the hands of people who once tried to kill him, emphasizes Kira Jarmysz, Navalny’s representative.

Navalny’s lawyers last contacted him a week ago. On Monday, he was supposed to participate in the court hearing remotely, but he did not show up. The authorities of the prison where he was supposed to be detained said it was due to technical problems. For a year and a half, Navalny has been detained in a strict regime penal colony in Melekhovo – 250 kilometers east of Moscow. When his lawyers contacted the facility’s authorities, they were told that Navalny was not on the list of prisoners there. – After receiving this information, Navalny’s team sent the question to many other prisons and penal colonies. They all replied that Navalny was not with them. So now the foundation and Navalny’s family consider him a missing person, explains Fred Pleitgen from CNN.

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– We have no information about his whereabouts. We express deep concern about the fate of Mr. Navalny. After he failed to appear at the court hearing, we reminded the Russian side that since Navalny is in custody, it is responsible for him, says Matthew Miller, spokesman for the US Department of State. Navalny is serving a total of 30 years in prison. In show trials commissioned by the Kremlin, he was convicted of, among other things, extremism. Recently he was supposed to be transferred to an even harsher penal colony, and he may be being transported there.

However, it is very disturbing that the oppositionist has been in poor health for a long time. – Two weeks ago he fainted in his cell. Because he is starving, he is extremely malnourished. There is no medical care. He asked for a consultation with a dentist, but they refused. After he fainted, they connected him to a drip, but this drip could contain anything, warns Dasha Navalna, Navalny’s daughter.

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Alexei Navalny is the most famous Russian oppositionist. There have been attempts to poison him several times. When he returned to Russia in 2021, he was immediately arrested. In subsequent trials, he received increasingly higher sentences. All this proves that for the Kremlin and for Vladimir Putin personally, he is the most serious enemy. Even though he is behind bars, he still managed to comment on current politics. – To expand his power, Putin invades a neighboring country, kills people and throws Russians into this grinder. Russians who should lead normal, peaceful lives. This is a crime, Navalny emphasized.

Contact with Navalny broke off at a special moment – when Vladimir Putin announced his willingness to run for president again in 2024. There is no one to lose to. Another six-year term is very likely. When asked about Navalny’s fate, the Kremlin spokesman replied that he was not interested in the whereabouts of individual prisoners. Navalny himself repeated that he would not be released as long as Vladimir Putin remains in power in Russia.

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