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Alior Bank charged unjustified fees from the account. Now it explains

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Alior Bank wrongly charged additional fees to some customers. We received a report about the irregularities on Kontakt 24. The bank confirmed this information and emphasized that it is working on a refund.

On Tuesday, we received information on Kontakt 24 that Alior Bank was charging its customers additional fees of 50 groszy.

“In detail, it's about some text message. After contacting the consultant, it turned out that it's some big system problem on many customer accounts. The problem is currently unresolved,” the internet user wrote.

The bank confirms

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We asked the bank to clarify this matter.

“We can confirm that some customers were incorrectly charged for text messages (text messages should be free) due to a system error,” we read in a message sent to us by Alior Bank's public relations manager, Joanna Nagierska.

Nagierska added that the bank is working on refunding the wrongly charged fees.

“We would like to inform you that the error has been fixed,” she noted.

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