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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Alior Bank. Credits. Income from sole proprietorship. The bank changes its mind

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Alior Bank was to suspend the possibility of taking into account income from sole proprietorship when calculating creditworthiness. On Thursday, the bank informed TVN24 Biznes that it has “removed the technological barrier related to the processing of applications” and therefore there will be no “temporary interruption” in their processing.

In a report published on Monday, the National Bank of Poland announced that banks plan to further tighten the criteria for granting housing loans in the fourth quarter of 2023.

One of the banks that was supposed to do this was Alior Bank. “Changes in the lending policy come into effect from November 10, they apply only to new applications” – Alior Bank’s press office reported on Tuesday to TVN24 Biznes. They would mean a significant decrease in the available loan amount for people whose main source of income is income from sole proprietorship business.

Representatives of Alior Bank explained that “the changes result from the bank’s internal decisions.” It was not stated why this step was taken.

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Alior Bank withdrawing from the changes

However, now the bank has announced that such a change will not take place. “Alior Bank has removed the technological barrier related to the processing of mortgage loan applications for people running sole proprietorships,” Aleksandra Mrówka from Alior Bank’s corporate communications department told TVN24 Biznes.

“Due to the above, there will be no temporary break in processing such applications, planned from November 10,” she added.

The main shareholder of Alior Bank is the PZU Group. The state insurer owns almost one third of the shares (31.91%). Moreover, 9.47 percent belongs to Nationale-Nederlanden OFE, 8.83 percent to Allianz OFE, and 5.56 percent to Generali OFE. The remaining shareholders have 44.23 percent. Alior Bank shares.

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