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All right. Stryków National road number 14. Residents have been asking for a roundabout at the “crossroads of death” for 10 years.

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For ten years, the residents of Dobra near Stryków (Łódź Voivodeship) have been fighting for the construction of a roundabout on national road number 14. During this time, many accidents and collisions occurred there, in which 8 people died. The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways has already announced several tenders for the investment, but each ended in failure. And there is no prospect of a quick solution to the problem. In a year and a half, perhaps there will be a project to rebuild the intersection.

Dobra is a small village near Stryków. The very busy national road number 14 runs through it, connecting Łódź with the A1 and A2 motorways. The route is also crossed by a county road and this is where tragic events occur.

– It’s basically uphill on all sides, so visibility is difficult and many people died here – says Jakub Mielczarek, councilor of Stryków.

Six tenders ended in failure

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For several years, the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Łódź has been trying to select a contractor for the roundabout at the “crossroads of death” – because that’s what the residents say about him. Unfortunately, each time the tenders had to be canceled because either only one company entered and made errors in the documentation, or no one took part in the tender.

– The first two tenders were unsuccessful because no one applied for them. We had to invalidate the next two because the contractor certified untruths in the documents. The fifth and sixth tenders also failed because the proposed prices for the roundabout were too high – recalled Maciej Zalewski, spokesman for the Łódź branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.

Residents are fighting for a roundabout in DobraTVN24

GDDKiA: a contract for the roundabout design will be signed soon

Since the beginning of November, work has been underway to improve safety at the intersection in Dobra. – At the intersection of national road No. 14 with Starowiejska Street, among others, new signs appeared and the traffic organization was changed to some extent. There are islands and the so-called pedestrian refuge. This will improve the safety of non-motorists and force drivers to reduce speed, the spokesman said GDDKiA in the boat. He added that these are temporary solutions, because eventually a roundabout will be built there. – We are now on the eve of signing the contract for the design of this roundabout. It will be created, full stop. We realize how much it is needed here, we know the statistics – emphasized Zalewski.

However, the spokesman could not say when the investment would be ready. – We currently have financing for the project and it is to be completed within 18 months from signing the contract. Then we announce a tender for the construction of a roundabout and we will implement it – concluded the official.

Residents are fighting for a roundabout in DobraTVN24

“All these islands and signs will fly around”

On the one hand, the residents of Dobra are happy that something is happening at the intersection. But they have doubts whether “temporary” solutions will improve safety.

– There will be more difficulties here, as the road is narrowed. If drivers drive fast, all these islands and signs will fly – said the village head of Dobra, Arkadiusz Przygodzki. – I’m already recording cars on the camera that pass cars on the right side anyway, so it’s dangerous for pedestrians anyway – one of the drivers passing through the intersection told us.

Not a week goes by without an accident

At the beginning of September, residents of Dobra protested on national road number 14. They crossed the pedestrian crossing for almost two hours. – Not a week goes by here without an accident or collision. How many times have we stood with our children for a few minutes to cross the pedestrian crossing to the other side – drivers simply do not stop here because they are going too fast – one of the residents of Dobra told us.

Residents are demanding improved safety on DK 14TVN24

– Do you see this fence? It is not even being repaired anymore, and every now and then someone crashes into the property with a car. Over the course of several years, there have been many accidents and collisions here, in which eight people died and a dozen or so were injured. This roundabout must finally be built here – said another woman.

Main photo source: TVN24

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