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All the saints. The police appeal for caution. How to take care of your safety

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All Saints’ Day falls on Wednesday this year. However, there is already much more traffic on the roads near the cemeteries and on them. This will be the case until the end of next week. The police are calling for people to take their foot off the gas pedal and be more careful – especially in the areas of cemeteries. They also remind us that this is also a time of increased activity of thieves in cemeteries and in means of transport.

“Let us remember that far does not have to mean fast. Preparing the vehicle before the trip and planning the route, taking into account the time and place of rest, will allow you to reach your destination safely. You should also take into account that the traffic intensity will increase, which may extend the expected arrival time. We do not drive “by heart”! The traffic organization at many cemeteries will be changed so that everyone can reach their destination relatively freely, but above all safely. After arriving at the destination, park the vehicle in a place designated and permitted in accordance with the regulations. Do not block entry and exit from any road, or access to previously properly parked vehicles. We also do not obstruct pedestrian traffic, especially elderly people, disabled people and parents walking with strollers. Vehicles parked incorrectly, obstructing traffic or posing a risk on the road, may be removed at the owner’s expense “- reminds the capital police.

Warsaw. Cemetery lines and changes in traffic organization. Check how to get there.

When driving on roads, especially in places with changed traffic organization, you should pay special attention to horizontal and vertical signs and traffic lights. However, when there is a policeman directing traffic at the intersection, the signals and commands he gives are the most important. At cemeteries you can also find public transport traffic supervision or scouts who try to help and make it easier for road users.

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How to behave when a policeman is directing trafficBiałystok police

Let’s take care of seniors. They left their homes and did not know how to get back.

This is the time of greater activity of thieves

Now is the time when many of us go to cemeteries to clean the tombstones of loved ones, buy flowers or candles. The capital police appeal for greater caution and remind them that this is also a time of high activity of thieves in cemeteries and in means of transport.

As every year, police and representatives of other services will maintain order in the vicinity of the necropolis.

“It should be remembered that such mass visits to graves encourage criminal activity both in cemeteries and nearby parking lots, where visitors will be forced to leave their cars. The threat of theft increases in cemeteries and in public transport. Thieves’ prey includes flowers and candles. , unattended bags and wallets are also often found, containing apartment keys, valuable items and cash. By following several of the rules listed below, we can avoid unpleasant situations and often high costs,” reminds the Warsaw Police.

Policemen to be careful in and around cemeteriesKSP

· When going to the cemetery, do not take large amounts of cash, expensive jewelry or other valuable items. A moment of our inattention and they may fall prey to thieves. · While in the cemetery, keep an eye on your personal belongings, bags, phones, etc. Do not take your eyes off them and do not leave them on the monument or benches. In the atmosphere of reflection and memories, as well as meetings with long-lost family, if left unattended, they may become the object of interest for criminals. · Let us remind children not to distance themselves from their parents or family members at the cemetery. Let’s establish rules of conduct in case they get lost in the crowd, as well as a meeting place in such a situation. Let’s teach them the principle that if necessary, they can always ask for help from a policeman, a city guard or another uniformed person, e.g. a scout or a security guard. · When paying for purchases at cemetery stalls, do it discreetly, without revealing the entire contents of your wallet to others. It is best to keep money, payment cards, documents or a mobile phone in an inside pocket of your clothes, which will make it more difficult for them to be stolen. · When using public transport, be especially vigilant, especially when getting on and off. Let’s check our bags or pouches all the time so as not to lose them in the crowd and crowd. · Due to possible traffic jams and crowded parking lots, if possible, use specially organized public transport and cemetery lines.

Weather for All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day 2023.

Due to numerous trips, you should also remember that houses or apartments left behind are potential targets for burglars. It’s worth protecting yourself.

· When leaving the apartment or house, check if all doors and windows are closed, including basement and roof windows. Let’s turn on the motion detectors and remember to turn on the alarm. · Do not inform about your trip on social media, we never know who and how will use the knowledge that we will not be at home. · Let’s ask a trusted neighbor to pay attention to our house or apartment.

Operations “Znicz” and “Hyena” in Warsaw cemeteries.

Policemen to be careful in and around cemeteriesKSP

Main photo source: KSP

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