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Almost 1.6 thousand grass fires. Spring weather can make them even more

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The first months of 2023 have already brought almost 1.6 thousand grass fires. Due to the increase in temperature, dangerous phenomena can quickly increase. Firefighters appealed not to tempt fate and burn the grass. As they reminded, this practice is punishable.

There have been almost 1,600 grass fires since the beginning of the year. According to the spokesman for the State Fire Service, Brig. Karol Kierzkowski, a man died in one of them. According to PSP estimates, losses due to grass fires have already exceeded PLN 1.3 million.

Spring favors flames

According to the data provided to PAP by the State Fire Service, there were 1,585 grass fires from the beginning of the year to March 16. Most in the following voivodeships: dolnośląskie (272), mazowieckie (166) and podkarpackie (155). One person died and another was injured in the fire. The tragedy happened on March 7, 2023 in the Gorzków district of Nowy Sącz. On Gucwy Street, where bushes and grass were burning in the fire, firefighters found the body of a man.

The PSP reported that the most grass fires have so far been recorded in March – 666, January – 514 and February – 405.

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– Synoptics predict the arrival of spring in the coming days, which, unfortunately, is conducive to grass fires and agricultural wasteland. […] The practice of burning grass is strictly prohibited, an arsonist is liable to a fine or imprisonment, said Kierzkowski.

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Dangerous for humans and animals

He reminded that according to the Nature Conservation Act, burning grass is punishable by arrest, restriction of liberty or a fine of up to PLN 30,000. He added that burning grass leads to irreversible, unfavorable changes in the natural environment, including sterilization of the soil and inhibition of the natural decomposition of plant residues and the assimilation of nitrogen from the air.

– A number of chemical compounds that are poisonous to both humans and animals get into the atmosphere – he noted. He emphasized that burning grass is also the cause of many fires, which often lead to fatal accidents. Every year, dozens of people die in such events.

In 2022, firefighters across the country recorded 48,232 grass fires, which left 12 people dead and 127 injured. Last year’s financial losses were estimated at over PLN 45.6 million.

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