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Almost 200 people drowned during this holiday. “Nature, apart from being beautiful, can be dangerous”

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Almost 200 people drowned during this holiday. What is terrifying is not only how many such tragedies have occurred, but also that virtually all of them could have been avoided. It wasn’t an unexpected natural disaster, something that couldn’t be prevented.

The report of the Government Center for Security shows that from June 25 to the end of August, 183 drownings were recorded in Poland. On average, almost three people lost their lives underwater every day of the holiday. – Even though holidays are only a memory for most of us, let us remember the rules of safe behavior by the water all year round, listen to the lifeguard’s instructions, swim only in designated places and absolutely do not combine alcohol with water fun – appeals Piotr Błaszczyk, Government Center for Safety .

Poles most often drown in lakes, ponds and rivers. Relatively least common in the sea. Nine out of ten drowning people are men, most often over the age of 50. Less than five percent of drowning victims are children. According to psychologist Leszek Mellibruda – in water, our behavior is governed by emotions, not logic. – Then we stop controlling dangers and threats. We then become part of nature, and nature – apart from being beautiful – can be dangerous – explains Leszek Mellibruda, a social psychologist.

The most tragic weekend on the water since the beginning of the holidays. A 10-year-old boy drowned at one of the guarded swimming areasJarosław Kostkowski/Fakty TVN

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First: education

Most Poles swim rarely – usually only during holidays. Water is an exotic environment for us. Many tourists do not even know the basic rules of guarded swimming areas. – If there is a white flag, we enter the water. If there is a red flag, we do not enter the water. If there is no flag, it means that the duty has ended – explains Jakub Byczkowski, Sopot Volunteer Water Emergency Service.

Leszek Naziemiec has been promoting swimming in open waters for years. He claims that the key to safety is not restrictions but education. – We would probably have to start with adults who in our country have very little skills and now those adults who will be trained, who will know how to use water, how to swim – will pass this culture to the next generation – says Leszek Naziemiec, swimmer long-distance runner, author of the book “Wild Swimming”.

Mr. Leszek’s daughter, under his supervision, can cope even with the cold and stormy Baltic Sea. They always have an inflatable buoy with them. – If I feel bad, something happens to me, I can grab it, but also if I go under the water, or if the child goes under the water, and I am on the beach, I can see where – explains Mr. Leszek.

In recent years, the number of drownings in Poland has been decreasing slightly. However, in terms of population, there are twice as many of them as, for example, in Germany.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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