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Alphabet – Google is reducing employment. The layoffs also include the robots that cleaned the canteen

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I don’t think we need to worry about robots taking our jobs, especially since they can stand in the unemployment line with us. Google’s job cuts affected 12,000 employees, but it didn’t stop at people. Tightening the belt by the giant also means turning off the power to 100 robots, humorously described the magazine “Fortune”, citing information from the Wired portal.

Everyday Robots was one of the departments shut down by Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The department consisted of 100 one-armed robots on wheels that helped in cleaning company canteens, tidying tables, and sorting waste. The robots also helped keep conference rooms clean during the pandemic.

The layoffs at Google affected not only humans, but also robots

The Everyday Robots team will no longer be a separate project at Alphabet (which includes Google). Some of the technology will be transferred to other departments, the company explained.

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Google has made several robot acquisitions in its history and is also trying to develop a consumer-friendly robot. The butler robot clearing the table has potential, but the company wants to go a step further and integrate robots with artificial intelligence – for example, if you tell the robot that you are hungry, it will bring something to eat. The Wired portal indicated that this type of prototype was far from complete, however, described “Fortune”.

The magazine noted that such far-reaching projects as Everyday Robots have been successful with Alphabet in the past, with the Google Fiber and Nest thermostats being the best-known examples. However, not everyone succeeds and then they bring significant losses.

Google’s cost cuts may turn out to be even more severe than layoffs. The company has asked returning employees to share desks with a “partner” to maximize the use of office space, Fortune pointed out.

Layoffs in tech companies

Last week, Ericsson announced plans for massive layoffs. Big Tech has been hit particularly hard after the hiring frenzy during the pandemic, with many tech companies cutting jobs in recent weeks. Media companies have also laid off employees as the online advertising market has declined.

In the first half of February Yahoo said it was carrying out collective redundancies, which will cover as much as 20 percent of employees – 8.6 thousand. people. In January IBM said it plans to lay off 3,900 jobs. employees – employment cuts in the first quarter of 2023 are expected to cost the US IT company $300 million.

In terms of layoffs at Google, the 12,000 job cuts mean six percent of all employees will lose their jobs. Earlier, other tech companies, including Amazon and Meta (formerly Facebook), also announced job cuts.

British Sky News reported that Microsoft Corporation plans to cut about five percent of jobs. About 11,000 people are to be made redundant. In turn, the American technology company Dell announced the layoffs of 6,650 people, or 5 percent. all its employees around the world. The reason for the layoffs is the declining sales of personal computers.

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