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Amendment to the Act on the Supreme Court. Marcin Przydacz on the opinion of President Andrzej Duda and Zbigniew Ziobro

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I have the impression that the opinion of Minister Zbigniew Ziobro that everyone else is responsible for the issues of the judiciary, and not the minister of justice, is a rather isolated opinion, said Marcin Przydacz, head of the Presidential Office of International Policy, in “Fakty po Faktach”. He answered questions about how the president would behave in the face of the PiS-designed amendment to the Law on Courts, which was passed by the Sejm and which will now be dealt with by the Senate.

On December 13, the Sejm passed an amendment to the law on the Supreme Court and other courts. The project was submitted to the Sejm by the club PIS. According to the authors, the amendment is to fulfill a key “milestone” for the European Commission to unlock funds from the National Recovery Plan. The amendment was sent to the Senate, which is to deal with it at the plenary session on January 31.

In the Saturday edition of “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 Marcin Przydaczthe head of the President’s Office of International Policy, was asked about the exchange of views between the president related to this legal act Andrzej Duda and the Minister of Justice and leader of Solidarna Polska Zbigniew Ziobro.

In an open letter to Andrzej Duda, Zbigniew Ziobro proposed a debate on EU funds. The president replied that he could only express his regret that the law developed and submitted by him in February 2022, which was “accepted by European institutions, including the European Commission”, was delayed by Solidarna Polska politicians. Commenting on these words, Ziobro assessed that “it was surprising that we heard an untrue assessment for the letter that encouraged the cooperation of Mr. President in the difficult situation in which Poland found itself.”

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Ziobro’s opinion “is quite an isolated opinion on the Polish political scene”

– The president remembers his project very well, which could lead to the solution of these problematic issues – said Marcin Przydacz in “Fakty po Faktach”. “.

– I have the impression that the opinion of Minister Ziobro that it is everyone else who is responsible for the issues of the judiciary, and not the minister of justice, is an opinion quite isolated on the Polish political scene – he added.

Legislative process takes. The bill came from the Sejm, went to the Senate, we do not know what amendments the Senate will make – said Przydacz.

Przydacz: Minister Ziobro’s opinion that it is everyone else who is responsible for justice issues, and not the justice minister, is a rather isolated opinionTVN24

What will the president do with the amendment to the Courts Act?

Przydacz noted that the head of state does not interfere in the legislative process. The president is waiting for the bill to hit his desk. When it hits, he can sign it, he can send it back to the (Constitutional) Tribunal, he can refuse (to sign it), he mentioned.

– The act at this moment, ready for signature, is not yet in place. She will return from the Senate, we will see how the Sejm will behave towards her, with what majority and whether she will respond to the Senate’s amendments with such a majority. These are all speculations, he continued. He stipulated that the president could not comment on every bill.

When asked whether, in Andrzej Duda’s opinion, the law is suitable for improvement or is no longer reformable, Przydacz decided that “of course it can be improved”. – The Senate will certainly try, according to its own understanding, to improve it, and then the Sejm will “correct” it with its decisions. This will go to the president, he predicted.

He specified that “correct” didn’t necessarily mean “corrupt.”


Main photo source: TVN24

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