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Amendment to the Spatial Planning Act. The Sejm accepted some of the Senate’s amendments

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On Friday, the Sejm adopted the Senate’s amendments clarifying the amendment to the Spatial Planning Act. However, he rejected the amendments, inter alia, extending the deadline for the communes to prepare general plans. The bill will be signed by the president.

The amendment to the Spatial Planning and Development Act introduces a new planning tool – the general plan, which is to be adopted for the entire commune as an act of local law. Municipalities will have until January 1, 2026 to do so.

The Sejm rejected the substantive amendments

The Senate submitted almost 40 amendments to the amendment. In Friday’s vote, the Sejm adopted the Senate’s clarification amendments and rejected the substantive amendments, including the extension of the deadline for communes to prepare general plans by three years.

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The deputies also did not support the amendments of the Upper Chamber, which would give local governments the opportunity to decide on the location of industrial farms on their territory, and the provisions making the amount of real estate tax dependent on the implementation of the provisions of the local plan in the field of real estate development. They were also against shortening the term of expiry of the zoning decision to two years from the date on which the zoning decision becomes final and against the possibility of extending its validity by another two years, if the conditions for the implementation of the project specified in the zoning decision are in line with the general plan.

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New forms: master plan and integrated investment plan

According to the amendment, the general plan is to replace the study of the conditions and directions of spatial development of the commune. Its findings will be the basis for the adoption of local plans and issuing decisions on development conditions. A new form of the local plan will be the integrated investment plan drawn up at the investor’s request. In the urban development agreement concluded with the commune, the investor will be able, for example, to undertake to build a school or support such an investment. The Act also provides for the launch of a free-of-charge and online Urban Register available to all interested parties

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