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American F-16 fighters flew over Bosnia and Herzegovina

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On Monday, military exercises with the participation of American fighters were held over Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the eve of Republika Srpska Day. The US embassy, ​​which announced it earlier, noted that the Americans’ participation “is intended to be proof of their readiness to react in the face of secessionist activities in the country.”

On Monday, Bosnia and Herzegovina military exercises were organized with the participation of United States special forces. “The training is intended to contribute to strengthening peace and security in the Western Balkans,” the American embassy said in a statement.

It was emphasized that the exercises are also intended to “show the US commitment to maintaining the territorial integrity of BiH in the face of secessionist activities. Washington constantly repeats that the BiH constitution does not provide for the possibility of secession and will take action if it is attempted.”

American F-16 fightersdefense.gov

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The exercises took place on the eve of Republika Srpska Day, a holiday recognized by Constitutional Court Bosnia and Herzegovina as unconstitutional. On January 9, 1992, Bosnian Serbs announced the establishment of Republika Srpska, which initiated a nearly four-year war in BiH, resulting in the deaths of over 100,000 people. people. The holiday – despite the ban – is celebrated in the part of BiH inhabited mostly by Serbs.

Exercises in the shadow of a dispute with the president of Republika Srpska

Milorad Dodik – sanctioned USA and Great Britain, the president of Republika Srpska (one of the autonomous parts of BiH) – has repeatedly threatened to separate this mostly Serbian territory from the rest of the country.

At the beginning of February 2023, he admitted in an interview with the Russian television Russia Today that “he wants Republika Srpska to become an independent country.” In December of the same year, he announced that “if Donald Trump wins the US presidential elections, Republika Srpska will announce secession from Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

“Milorad Dodik is mistaken if he believes that the United States will stand by while he pushes BiH towards conflict,” the US embassy warned in December.

Main photo source: defense.gov

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