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American scientists have invented a superantibiotic. Human studies have already begun

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This could be a breakthrough in the world of medicine that will save countless lives. American scientists claim that they have invented a new type of antibiotic that allows the fight against bacteria resistant to existing antibiotics. Let us add that these are bacteria that cause high mortality in humans, attacking the lungs and circulatory system. According to the WHO, defeating these bacteria was a priority. Now there are many indications that this goal has been achieved.

The fight against bacteria has become increasingly difficult as many strains of bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics. Without effective antibiotics, surgery or chemotherapy may prove to be a deadly threat to patients. Data published by The Lancet magazine show that from seven hundred thousand to as many as one million three hundred thousand people die each year due to infections with drug-resistant bacteria. Some scientists warn that soon, globally, it may be a more serious problem than cancer.

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The World Health Organization has published a list of bacteria that pose the greatest threat to humanity because they are the most resistant to drugs. The top three included, among others, Acinetobacter baumannii. It is a gram-negative bacterium common in hospitals, especially intensive care units. Present in body fluids such as blood and urine. It is deadly dangerous for immunocompromised patients who are on ventilators and with open wounds because it causes pneumonia and sepsis.

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A promising start

Until now, it was difficult to fight against gram-negative bacteria. Their interior is protected by two membranes. Additionally, the outer membrane is strengthened by lipopolysaccharides, which inhibit the action of drugs. For the last half a century, no new antibiotic has been invented against these bacteria, but there are many indications that there is finally a breakthrough.

American scientists have developed a substance called zosurabalpine, which can overcome the defense mechanisms of the bacterium Acinetobacter baumannii, penetrate it and destroy it. They have just published their research results in the journal Nature. Zosurabalpine proved to be very effective in mice suffering from pneumonia and sepsis. It is also so safe that studies on humans have been initiated. It will be years before it is approved for general use, but this is a very promising start.

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