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Amnesty International has presented a list of reasons why a referendum on abortion should not be held

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One of the reasons why the October 15 coalition was formed at all and has a majority in the Sejm were women’s votes. One of the reasons they voted was to fight for the right to abortion. The Sejm may adopt one of the already ready acts or decide on a referendum. Amnesty International presented 75 reasons against the referendum.

The petition, created by Amnesty International together with the Legal Abortion collective, presents 75 reasons why a referendum on abortion is a bad idea. – Human rights are not subject to referendum. This state is obliged to introduce legal solutions to ensure that human rights are guaranteed, and access to abortion is one of the human rights, emphasizes Miko Czerwiński from Amnesty International Polska.

The Third Way wants a referendum, and its representatives respond briefly to such arguments. – I don’t know of any reason why you should be afraid of a referendum that will resolve this issue – explains Dariusz Klimczak, Minister of Infrastructure from PSL-Trzecia Droga.

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The list of arguments begins with the fact that the only binding “abortion referendum” is the one carried out by the people concerned over a positive pregnancy test. We also read that the right to abortion is a matter of life and health and that citizens as a whole cannot decide on the issue of an individual’s bodily autonomy. – We are sure that organizations such as the Kai Godek foundation or Ordo Iuris would pull out all their guns and we would have the disinformation campaign of the century. The drastic, bloody banners with torn corpses, known to all of us, would be on every street corner – emphasizes Agata Kowalska from the Legalna Aborcja collective.

Projects on abortion at the next session of the Sejm? Hołownia: there is such a planTVN24

A divided coalition

Abortion is an issue that strongly divides the ruling coalition. Three bills have already been submitted to the Marshal. What is certain today is that all groups in power want to return to the law from before the Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling by Julia Przyłębska – that is, to the so-called abortion compromise. Such a project was submitted by Trzecia Droga.

– The fear of prenatal testing cannot accompany anyone who decides to enlarge their family – says Dariusz Klimczak. The Civic Coalition and the Left want to go further. Each party submitted its project providing for the liberalization of the law and the legal termination of pregnancy up to the twelfth week and regardless of the reason. – We will want to convince all MPs that they should support the bill that gives women the right to choose, and we know that there are such MPs also in Third Way – says Monika Rosa from Nowoczesna.

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Indeed, there are such politicians in the Third Way, but there are also politicians who are definitely against it. Marshal Hołownia first proposed appointing an extraordinary commission that would develop a common plan. He announced that the projects could be discussed at the next meeting. – I will be in favor of all projects, regardless of the fact that some of them do not express my views at all, be included in the second reading in the Sejm – said Szymon Hołownia.

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