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Amount free from enforcement seizure 2023. PKO BP and mBank explain

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The amount free from enforcement seizure – for example by a bailiff or tax office – in the first half of 2023 is PLN 2,617.50, PKO BP reported. From July it will increase to PLN 2,700. As mBank explained, this is related to the increase in the minimum wage.

“The free amount is the amount of funds to which you can withdraw your money when you have enforcement seizure” – explained mBank. He also indicated that if the account was seized by an enforcement authority – e.g. a bailiff, tax office, ZUSit sends a notification to the bank and indicates the amount of liability that it took on the account.

He added that the amount of the blockade on the account “may differ from the amount indicated in the enforcement attachment notice”, as “the bank adds interest and fees due to the enforcement authority”. What’s more, “the same account seizure notice could also be sent to other banks” and you can have a blockade in several banks at once.

Amount free from enforcement seizure in 2023

Free amount value is equal to 75 percent. gross minimum wage person who works in the full working time. In 2020, it amounted to PLN 2,600, in 2021 it is PLN 2,800, in 2022 it is PLN 3,100, in 2023 it is PLN 3,490.

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In turn, PKO BP clarified that “free amount on the basis of a court or administrative enforcement title are:

PLN 2,617.50 – from January 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023; – PLN 2,700.00 – from July 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.”

The point is that the minimum wage is to be increased again in the middle of the year – from July it is to amount to PLN 3,600 gross.

Disposition amount in case of death

At the same time, PKO BP reminded that the Central Statistical Office published a communiqué on the average monthly salary in the enterprise sector without profit-sharing bonuses – in January 2023, it was PLN 6,883.92. “Based on this salary was fixed disposition amount in the event of death (for instructions placed from 1 January 1998), which is PLN 137,678.40” – explained in the communiqué.

The Financial Ombudsman explained that “a deposit order in the event of death may be established by the holder of any type of individual bank account” and “it may be a checking and savings account, a savings account or a savings deposit account”.

Disposition of a contribution in the event of death aims to guarantee the payment of a certain amount of money from the bank account of a bank customer in the event of his death. These measures may, for example, be used to secure the possibility of meeting the current expenses of the deceased’s family in the period immediately after his death. A frequent motive for submitting such an instruction is the desire to provide the appropriate amount for the organization of the funeral by the account holder – explained Krzysztof Witkowski, legal counsel at the Financial Ombudsman’s office.

He also added: – The account owner determines in advance who will deal with this issue and establishes such an instruction for them. This money is not part of the account holder’s inheritance, so the beneficiary can withdraw this amount from the bank without having to wait for the end of court proceedings to confirm the acquisition of the inheritance or visit a notary public to obtain an inheritance certificate. For this reason, it can also be a way to divide the funds accumulated in the account among more people.

The Financial Ombudsman indicated that “the beneficiaries of the instruction may be: the spouse of the account holder, as well as ascendants, descendants or siblings of the holder“, so it is not possible to submit an instruction, for example, in favor of a person outside the immediate family or for a legal person. – In order to avoid disputes and doubts, such an instruction must be in writing, and the beneficiary must be precisely identified. Therefore, his name should be indicated in such an instruction and surname, degree of kinship, place of residence and PESEL or ID number – explained Witkowski.

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