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Amsterdam. Stay Away Campaign targeting young Brits

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Amsterdam is launching an online campaign to help fight nuisance tourists. The materials are aimed at young British people coming to the capital of the Netherlands to go crazy and try drugs.

As explained on the official website of Amsterdam, the materials created as part of the “Stay Away” campaign (“Stay away” or “Stay away” – ed.) will be shown to Britons aged 18 to 35 who search the web content such as “Amsterdam stag night”, “Amsterdam cheap hotels” or “Amsterdam pub crawl”. There are also plans to expand the audience over the next 12 months to other “potentially disruptive visitors from the Netherlands and other countries of the European Union.

“Visitors are welcome, but not when they behave inappropriately and are a nuisance,” Sofyan Mbarki, city councilor, commented on the campaign’s website.

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A new campaign by the city of Amsterdam targeting nuisance visitors

As part of the campaign, two films containing warnings for tourists were prepared. The first shows a young, drunk man who is arrested by the police. ‘You come to Amsterdam for a heady night + get drunk = €140 fine + police record = less prospects’ read the captions superimposed on the video. The material ends with a direct address to young Brits: ? Stay away.”

In the second recording in the series, in a similar style, you can see a young man lying limply on a bench, who is then transported by paramedics to the hospital. In this case, the video was captioned: “You come to Amsterdam to take drugs + lose control = trip to hospital + permanent health impairment = worried family. You come to Amsterdam for drugs? Stay away.”

Amsterdam is also set to launch a second campaign this month aimed at tourists already in the city, warning against drunkenness, making excessive noise, buying drugs from street dealers and urinating in public places. With the upcoming weekend in the famous red light district, bars and brothels are also to be closed earlier, and in May a ban on smoking marijuana on its streets is to be implemented.

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“Nuisance tourists” in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, inhabited by about 883,000 people, receives an average of about 20 million tourists each year, including about a million Britons. Some of them take advantage of the ready-made offers offered by British travel agencies for stag nights, boat trips on the canals with unlimited alcohol, steak and striptease evenings or trips to the so-called red light district bars – notes the BBC portal.

AmsterdamWerner Lerooy/Shutterstock

The service adds that complaints from Amsterdam citizens about citizens of the islands who get into fights, expose themselves in public, urinate in public places or vomit into sewers are nothing new. Already 10 years ago, the then mayor of the city, Eberhard van der Laan, invited his British counterpart, who was then Boris Johnsonto see with his own eyes how his compatriots behave. – (Tourists) slalom past the red light district, (…) sing “You’ll never walk alone” (anthem of the Liverpool FC football club – ed.), dress up as rabbits or priests, and sometimes they are not dressed at all – said van der Laan on this occasion, quoted by the BBC.

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