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An additional PLN 300 to the pension. On Thursday, the Senate supported the bill on benefits for village leaders with amendments

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On Thursday, the Senate supported the bill on benefits for village leaders with amendments. Pursuant to the act, persons who have served as a village administrator for at least eight years will receive a supplement to their pension in the amount of PLN 300 per month.

95 senators voted for the bill, none voted against or abstained from voting. All amendments to the act were adopted, although amendments 1, 3 and 6 were not approved by the joint committees of agriculture and rural development and the committees of local government and state administration.

Supplement for the mayor

The act passed by the Sejm on 14 April this year provides for a monthly cash benefit for village leaders in the amount of PLN 300; they must perform this function for at least two terms of office, not less than 8 years. An additional condition is age, in the case of women at least 60 years old, men – at least 65 years old.

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The benefit, at the request of the entitled person, is to be paid by the President of the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund, while it is financed from the state budget and annually – on March 1 – indexed with the statutory indexation index.

Budget expenses

The maximum limit of budget expenditure in the project has been set at less than PLN 74 million in 2023. In the following years, it is to increase from over PLN 162 million in 2024 to almost PLN 233 million in 2032.

The act is to apply from July 1, 2023.

Now the bill will return to the Sejm, which will refer to the amendments proposed by the Senate.

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