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An away meeting of the Parliamentary Club of the Civic Coalition. Donald Tusk on the program for entrepreneurs

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Donald Tusk presented the PO program for entrepreneurs at a meeting of the Civic Coalition’s Party Club. Among other things, he talked about postponing the tax payment deadline after receiving the invoice transfer, as well as payment by ZUS of sickness benefit for employees in micro-enterprises from the 1st day of incapacity for work.

Donald Tusk he also announced that within 100 days of the takeover of power by the platform, he would change the fiscal policy. Tax offices are to become less oppressive, not to assume that the entrepreneur is “suspicious”.

– When it comes to the health premium (…) we still know how health is in this hierarchy of expectations of human fears – said Tusk, emphasizing that AFTER wants to help entrepreneurs, but without harming Poles. – We want to eliminate absurdities, such as the fact that an entrepreneur pays a health insurance premium on, for example, the sale of machines, which at that moment turned into a cruel tax – noted Tusk.

Donald Tusk at an away meetingTVN24

– And of course, what you probably talked about most often. In addition to the fact that you want to regain your entrepreneurial dignity, which has been stifled over the last few years, making entrepreneurs in Poland suspicious by definition – said Donald Tusk, announcing stabilization of the situation so that those conducting business would not be surprised by changes in the law.

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– Just like it was in that famous year, when the tax system changed so often that even its authors were not very sure which tax system was in force on what day – noted the head of PO. – We will extend the vacatio legis (…), and then our intention will be to stabilize the tax system and generally the conditions of farming for a longer period of time. For at least the term of office, so that you know where you stand when planning your activities – he explained.

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