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“An important signal” from Warsaw. “Maybe he mobilized several tens of thousands, maybe a hundred or tens of thousands”

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– We see the polls. These two main formations are going head to head, so it was worth making this small contribution – said Professor Antoni Dudek about Prime Minister Donald Tusk's speech at the rally in Warsaw, commenting on the chances of KO and PiS in the European Parliament elections. Professor Andrzej Rychard said that Tusk's message to citizens was clear: “Europe is about our security.”

The guests of “Kropka nad i” were prof. Antoni Dudek, historian and political scientist from the Cardinal Stanisław Wyszyński University, and prof. Andrzej Rychard, sociologist from the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The professors commented on Tuesday's rally of the Civic Platform at Castle Square, at which he spoke, among others. Prime Minister Donald Tusk. – I had some fears before this rally, but the longer it lasted and I saw the crowd, these fears disappeared. Tusk turned out to be, as usual, in good shape. He had a speech in which the main lines were a consistent implementation of what he said all the time during the campaign: Europe is about our security, it is about not being dependent on Russia. He said all this coherently and very convincingly – said prof. Richard.

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He assessed that Tusk wanted to convey a call to citizens: “There is no sluggishness, see – we have energy. I call on you to do the same, to show this energy. I don't expect much from you. Go, take a pen and vote,” so “I think it sends quite an important signal.”

Donald Tusk at a rally in Warsaw (4/06/2024)Paweł Supernak/PAP

“Maybe he mobilized several dozen thousand, maybe a hundred or several dozen people”

The opinion about Tusk's speech was shared by prof. Hoopoe. – Tusk had a very good speech and I have the impression that he is absolutely the most effective Polish politician today when it comes to the art of oratory. Especially against the background of President Kaczyński, who did not do too well in Brussels today. However, I would not overestimate the importance of one rally, because this rally will not mobilize millions of people who were not supposed to vote to take part in it. elections – he said.

– Maybe he mobilized (Tusk – ed.) several dozen thousand, maybe a hundred or several dozen thousand people. It may be just these hundred and several dozen thousand for the minimum advance, because we can see pollsthat these two main formations – Civic Coalition and Law and Justice – they are going head to head, so it was worth making this small contribution – added prof. Hoopoe.

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak/PAP

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