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An initiative to combat the false narrative about Russian aggression. “Strong signal”

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The Polish-American Ukraine Communications Group initiative has been launched to address misleading or false narratives about Russian aggression against Ukraine and to counteract disinformation, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized, the launch of the initiative is a “strong signal of our common determination to continue supporting Ukraine in the fight against the aggressor.” The group's activities are intended to reach mainly countries in the so-called Global South to provide them with true information about Russian aggression.

An initiative of the Ukraine Communications Group

On Monday, the plenipotentiary of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for counteracting international disinformation, Tomasz Chłoń, and the special envoy and coordinator of the Global Engagement Center of the US Department of State, James P. Rubin, announced the creation of the group.

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Chłoń emphasized that Ukraine and the fight against disinformation, mainly from the Russian side, is one of the priorities of Polish policy.

He noted that to support Ukraine against aggression Russia in the information space, UCG will bring together specialists in cooperation with partner countries – such as Canada, Finland, FranceUSA, Germany, Italy, LatviaLithuania, Slovenia, Sweden, but also with NATO and the European External Action Service – to coordinate communications, promote accurate and reliable reporting on Russia's full-scale invasion, amplify Ukraine's voice, and expose the Kremlin's manipulation of information.

The team is to consist of a dozen or more people, working together and monitoring the countries' information activity.

Rubin emphasized that in the past, disinformation activities were carried out on radio and television, but now the number of forms of media and instant messaging has “increased astronomically.” He noted that despite this, Ukraine's allies want to help it counter Russian aggression – but also lies and propaganda about this aggression.

Chłoń and Rubin during a press conference on the creation of the Ukraine Communication Group initiativePAP/Marcin Obara

Information war

As he pointed out, the fight against Russian disinformation also means struggling with false messages from China. – We all realize how important information warfare is. We are all aware of how the adversary – in this case Russia – is supported by China. China, which repeated every single argument of Russian diplomacy about this war in the information space, he emphasized.

Both noted that the Kremlin repeatedly uses lies and manipulation to “sell” false pretexts for its unjustified invasion, obscure its war goals and try to break global solidarity with the Ukrainian people. They indicated that the goal of the UCG is to counter these misleading narratives and strengthen honest reporting about Ukraine's resilience and courage in the face of Russian aggression.

Rubin, in turn, emphasized that United Statesin cooperation with a broad coalition of countries supporting Ukraine, worked to expose the purveyors of Kremlin disinformation before the full-scale invasion.

When asked about his goals, for example for the next six months, he replied that he would like to minimize disinformation in Europe, and outside it – in places around the world where opinion is divided as to who in war in Ukraine is the aggressor – to make the majority, thanks to knowledge of the facts, see that the aggressor is Russia. He also talked about the goal of minimizing the impact of Russian lies.

Main photo source: PAP/Marcin Obara

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