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An innovative procedure in the hospital in Chrzanów. “They didn’t expect me to come out of it at all.”

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Mr. Zdzisław Zając was diagnosed with a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm with infection. To save his life, doctors created a biologically neutral prosthesis. No one in the world has done anything like this before, because infections after a ruptured aneurysm are rare. The experiment was a success – the patient is alive and feeling well.

At the end of October, Mr. Zdzisław Zając was taken to the Emergency Department of the hospital in Chrzanów with a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm and an infection. – They didn’t expect me to come out of it at all. From this treatment. I’ve already had 4 heart attacks – says the man.

Mr. Zdzisław’s life was saved by Professor Przemysław Nowakowski, who decided to sew the patient’s prosthesis from a patch of animal origin, biologically neutral. – Vascular surgery in particular involves some trimming, sewing and cutting, so it can be said to be advanced tailoring – says Nowakowski.

No one in the world has done anything like this before, because infections after a ruptured aneurysm are rare. Normally, after removing an aneurysm, vascular surgeons implant ordinary, synthetic prostheses in patients. However, for the infected Mr. Zdzisław Zając, the only salvation was a biological tube.

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– I had no decision in this operation. Only later, when it was all over, did the professor tell me what he used in the aorta, says Mr. Zdzisław.

They hope this is the future in medicine

Doctors boasted about the procedure only after two months because they were not sure whether the patient would survive. Now they are sure. Mr. Zdzisław Zając’s body has accepted the prosthesis on the abdominal aorta, where his own cells flowing in the blood now multiply.

Doctors have no doubt that such treatments are the future. From biologically inert materials – the so-called biological cell matrices – it will be possible to patch patients, sew pieces of their vessels to measure, or even buy ready-made ones.

– It may turn out that in two, three, five years we will have such factory-ready materials available that will be lying on the shelf and we will be able to use them in such a situation. And let it be so, says Nowakowski.

Abdominal aortic aneurysms begin to become a problem in some people after the age of forty, more often in men than women, more often in people who smoke, have atherosclerosis and untreated hypertension. People usually find out about an aneurysm at the last minute, like Mr. Zdzisław Zając. – I have a big lump on my stomach, but it’s getting better every day – says the patient.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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