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Andrzej Duda after the meeting with Jens Stoltenberg: we expect new security plans

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In a conversation with the NATO secretary general, I expressed our expectations – we expect new security plans, which will result in the fact that in the event of any attack on any of the NATO countries, the Alliance’s reaction will be immediate, as soon as possible – said President Andrzej Duda at a conference with the head of the North Atlantic Alliance. Jens Stoltenberg said that the main topic of the meeting was the war in Ukraine and stressed that “Putin must realize that he cannot win.”

President Andrzej Duda on Wednesday, at NATO Headquarters, he met with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. After the talks, the politicians spoke at a joint conference.

The NATO secretary general said that the main topic of the conversation was triggered by Russia war in Ukraine. – Almost a year since the brutal invasion of President (Vladimir Putin he does not show that he is getting ready for the room. On the contrary: it launches new offensives, shells civilians, cities, critical infrastructure,” Stoltenberg said. “Putin needs to realize that he cannot win. To this end, we must continue to rapidly provide Ukraine with the weapons and ammunition it needs to reclaim territory and survive as a sovereign nation. He noted that Poland plays a leading role in these efforts, providing significant military, humanitarian, economic and training support.

Stoltenberg after meeting with DudaTVN24

Stoltenberg assured that “NATO will defend every centimeter of Polish territory and the entire territory of the North Atlantic Alliance.” He thanked the Polish president for the invitation to participate in the Bucharest Nine Summit, which will take place next week in Warsaw, in which, among others, the President of the United States of America is to take part. Joe Biden. “This summit will send a strong signal of Alliance unity and determination,” he stressed.

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Duda: We expect new security plans

Duda said that at the meeting he gave Stoltenberg – on behalf of himself and the president of Slovakia Zuzana Czaputowa – an invitation to the summit of the Bucharest Nine. – We will discuss the security situation in our part of Europe, on NATO’s eastern flank, because this is the element that interests us the most, also in view of the upcoming summit of the entire North Atlantic Alliance in Vilnius – said the president.

He said that in a conversation with the head of NATO, he “expressed hopes and expectations from the Polish side.” – We expect new security plans, new plans for our part of the alliance. Not only for Poland, but also for the Baltic states and the countries of the eastern flank from the south (of Europe) – he noted.

“We expect preparedness plans that will ultimately result in any attack on any of the NATO countries this reaction of the Alliance, which boils down to the implementation of Article 5, will be immediate, as soon as possible, he explained.

Duda: We want as many weapon warehouses as possible to be built on the eastern flank

– We would like as many warehouses of the North Atlantic Alliance’s armaments as possible to be established on NATO’s eastern flank, so that the armament is stored there in the event of any attack, and remains at the disposal of the Alliance forces that are in or will arrive in this area – said the president. He argued that thanks to the presence of infrastructure on the eastern flank, the possible arrival of allied forces would be faster. – This is very important to us and we would like these decisions to be made in this regard. This will certainly be discussed by the Bucharest Nine, and I also asked the secretary general about this today. From Poland’s point of view, this is the most important issue, he said. He also stressed that Poland is carrying out large arms purchases. – This will be a great strengthening of NATO’s eastern flank. We want to be self-sufficient as a credible element of stability and defense of the alliance’s territory, said Andrzej Duda.

Main photo source: KPRP/Jakub Szymczuk

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