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Andrzej Duda and Donald Tusk in the USA. “Biden used a trick that previous presidents have already used.” Foreign media #WriteaboutPoland

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“By inviting the two most important people from the two dominant political camps in Poland, which is unusual in terms of protocol, Biden used a trick,” writes “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, commenting on the meeting with Andrzej Duda and Donald Tusk in the White House. FAZ estimates that the idea was to emphasize the importance of security in NATO. Other media also draw attention to other elements of the visit. The New York Post notes Tusk's “extraordinary” statement, and Der Standard focuses on Duda's calls.

More foreign media describe the president's visit Andrzej Duda and premiere Donald Tusk in Washington. As “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ) notes in the text entitled “Poland buys weapons in America”, American President Joe Biden was able to offer his guests, President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Donald Tusk, a billion-dollar arms contract. As reported by the American National Security Advisor on Tuesday Jake Sullivan, United States will offer Poland to purchase 96 Apache helicopters. The US will provide a loan of two billion dollars for the purchase of these combat helicopters.

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FAZ: Biden pulled a trick

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The visit of Polish politicians was related, among other things, to the 25th anniversary of Poland's accession to FOR THIS.

“By inviting two of the most important people from the two dominant political camps in Poland, which is unusual in terms of protocol, Biden used a trick that previous presidents had already used: in this way he was able to show that the security of the Alliance also in Poland must take priority over partisan disputes. “- emphasized the portal, while noting that “for their part, Duda and Tusk tried to demonstrate unity.”

“Biden used a trick,” writes “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”PAP/EPA/Jakub Szymczuk

Shortly after meeting with Biden, Tusk also announced that he would meet with the president France Emmanuel Macron and the Chancellor German Olaf Scholz on Friday in Berlin – FAZ noted. It will be a “special summit” in the Weimar Triangle format.

“In Biden's case, Duda is breaking open the door”

The website of the “Der Standard” daily focused on another aspect of the meeting of US and Polish leaders. “Like the Baltic countries, Poland sees a direct threat from Russia and is one of the most committed political and military supporters of Ukraine,” the daily emphasized, adding that in such a context it was not surprising that President Duda in Washington insisted on requiring NATO members to higher defense spending.

The current target of member states is to allocate 2%. gross domestic product (GDP) for defense. “Duda proposed an increase in spending to 3 percent. Poland spent 3.9 percent of its GDP on armaments last year,” the daily emphasized.

The Polish president also made a direct appeal to the hosts, calling on the US to continue supporting Kiev. “However, in Biden's case, Duda is breaking open the door. The US president has once again demanded that Congress provide multi-billion, urgently needed aid to Ukraine. According to Biden, we need to act before it is too late, because Russia will not stop at Ukraine, but will threaten Europe, the US and to the entire free world,” the daily added.

Andrzej Duda, Joe Biden and Donald Tusk in the Oval OfficePAP/EPA/Jakub Szymczuk

“Der Standard”: the basis for discussion with Tusk has improved

“Der Standard” also reminded that on Friday in Berlin there will be a meeting as part of the Weimar Triangle, where Donald Tusk will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and the main topic of talks will be the situation in Ukraine.

On the issue of war, there has recently been “great tension” between Macron and Scholz, the daily recalled. The French president spoke about the possibility of using land forces in Ukraine, which was opposed by Scholz, who called on EU partners to provide Ukraine with increased military assistance.

“Meetings in the Weimar Triangle format have been a rarity lately, especially since the Polish government of the national-conservative Law and Justice party (PiS), despite its strong involvement in Ukraine, has become increasingly isolated in the international arena. With the new liberal Prime Minister Tusk, the basis for discussions between Poland and its European partners, even though President Duda comes from the ranks of PiS and remains close to it,” concluded “Der Standard”.

Foreign media about the meeting with Joe BidenTVN24

Tusk's “extraordinary” statement

The New York Post noted that Donald Tusk warned the Speaker of the House of Representatives, a Republican politician Mike Johnson that “the fate of millions of people de facto depends on his individual decision”. Johnson is blocking work on the aid package for Ukraine, which is stuck in the chamber.

“Such a strong statement from a foreign leader to a U.S. congressman is unusual and comes at a time when efforts to provide $60 billion in military aid to Ukraine are stalled in the lower house of Congress,” the website wrote.

Donald Tusk at the conference after the talks at the White House.  The entire statement

Donald Tusk at the conference after the talks at the White House. The entire statementTVN24

Main photo source: PAP

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