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Andrzej Duda at a meeting with ambassadors. President: The goal of our policy is Russia’s defeat in the war

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President Andrzej Duda met with Polish ambassadors taking part in a meeting organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He said that the goal of our foreign policy is to lead to the strategic defeat of Russia, the victory of Ukraine and the permanent removal of the specter of war from our borders. – Russia sees Poland as a country that will either submit to it and be dependent on it, or will be its enemy. The Russian mentality is an imperial and colonial mentality that does not recognize any arguments other than the argument of force, the president said. He pointed out that the present times require the activity of Polish diplomats.

President Andrzej Duda met on Monday with the ambassadors of the Republic of Poland taking part in the annual meeting organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the meeting with diplomats, the President said that we are at the moment in our history when the highest stakes for the Polish state are at stake: for its position, security and importance in the coming decades, and perhaps centuries.

– This is the moment when the question of the quality of life of the next generations of Poles is decided, perhaps it is the time when the questions of what will be the future of the Republic of Poland in general and of our nation, freedom, sovereignty and independence – said the president.

In his opinion, this is not the time for a passive and passive attitude of the foreign service, but a time that requires full commitment and activity, in which the voice of Poland must be heard very clearly. As Duda stressed, it is on this voice that the strengthening of our security, international cooperation, alliances and the acquisition of new markets depends.

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President Andrzej Duda met with the ambassadors of the Republic of Poland taking part in the annual meeting organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Paweł Supernak/PAP/EPA

Duda pointed out that recently we have witnessed events that last for decades. There was an explosion, he said war in Ukrainebut also the strengthening and consolidation of NATO, acts of solidarity with Ukraine, the creation of a real European perspective for Ukraine and Moldova, or the issuing of an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin by International Criminal Court.

Duda: The Russians must feel the bitter taste of defeat

– As long as this war lasts, it is not certain which vision of the world and international order will prevail. Therefore, the activities of Polish diplomacy should contribute to making Russia pay for its crimes over the coming decades, and Central Europe, including Poland, to gain development prospects for at least the next decades, said the president. Duda emphasized that the issue of Russian aggression is the number one topic for Polish foreign policy, because – as he pointed out – it is also a matter of our security.

– Russia sees Poland as a country that will either submit to it and be dependent on it, or will be its enemy. The Russian mentality is an imperial and colonial mentality that accepts no arguments other than the argument of force. This time must come to an end once and for all, the president said.

In his opinion, the only way to end it is to lead Russia to a clear defeat. “Russians need to feel the bitter taste of defeat so that they stop thinking about the world in this way,” said Duda. He stipulated that he was talking about the Russians, and not only about Putin and the Kremlin elites, because – as he argued – the spirit of imperialism is deeply rooted in the entire Russian society.

Duda: The Russians must feel the bitter taste of defeatTVN24

Duda: the goal is to lead to the strategic defeat of Russia

In order to break it, the president pointed out, Ukraine must win at the front. – Any rotten compromise or Putin’s exit from this war with his face will end only with the freezing of the conflict, a kind of insufficiency of Russian society, which will probably cause an outbreak of even greater aggression in the near future – said Andrzej Duda.

– That is why the goal of our foreign policy in this aspect is to lead to a situation in which Russia will suffer a strategic defeat, Ukraine will win, and the specter of war will be permanently removed from our borders – declared the president and noted that it is with this intention that Poland supports the struggling Ukraine: militarily, politically, humanely. He also stressed the need to fight Russian disinformation and propaganda.

Duda noted that Poland must not only support Ukraine in its efforts to rebuild the country, but also ensure its place in the strict group of countries responsible for future investments in Ukraine.

President Duda on Belarus

Speaking about the regime of Alyaksandr Lukashenko, he pointed out that Belarus is not only a state that officially supports Russia, but also the only one that has de facto contributed to the hostilities, making its territory available in the critical phase of the war to attack Ukraine directly from the north.

“Therefore, as long as Lukashenko is in charge of Belarus, Polish diplomacy must treat it as a state co-responsible for conducting Putin’s war,” he said. He added that Poland must strive on the international forum to impose and increase all possible sanctions against this country.

President Duda on Belarus

President Duda on BelarusTVN24

– At the same time, we must not forget about the Belarusian nation, which, unlike the Russians, is not poisoned by the spirit of imperialism. He has a friendly attitude towards Poland and Poles, and what is more, he is terrorized by an autocrat who does not have the support of the majority of citizens and came to power as a result of electoral fraud, he stressed.

– We must not forget about over a thousand political prisoners in Belarus, as well as about the repressions against Poles living in this country. Wrongful conviction has become a brutal symbol of this repression Andrzej PoczobutTherefore, we will fight for the release of all political prisoners, we will fight for it in international forums and we are in favor of increasing the restrictive measures imposed on Belarus – said Duda.

The President noted that he was glad that Poland was strongly involved in supporting civil society in Belarus, as well as in creating conditions for the development of democracy and political dialogue.

President on priorities for the NATO summit

In his speech, the president presented Polish priorities for the NATO summit scheduled for July in Vilnius. As he said, the most important of them is to strengthen the defense potential of the eastern flank of the Alliance and to expand the security sphere east of our borders.

He added that if Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty is to provide ironclad security guarantees, then we must strictly implement the provisions of Art. 3, which states that each NATO member must individually maintain and develop capabilities to resist armed attack.

– So we must encourage other allies to support and implement ambitious goals, defense spending, where 2 percent of GDP will not be treated as the maximum, but the necessary minimum expenditure that must be made by each member state – he pointed out.

Duda: alliance with the US is a priority

Duda also spoke of “very good bilateral relations with the United States.” He indicated that United States were, are and – he expressed hope – will be our key partner. – Our strategic alliance is a priority, especially for the construction of the Polish security system – he said.

The president also presented Poland’s priorities during the upcoming presidency of the European Union. The number one goal, he said, would be to strengthen Euro-Atlantic ties.

“We want more of the United States in Europe and, at the same time, more of the EU in the United States,” he stressed. As further goals, he indicated: membership of Ukraine, Moldova and the Western Balkan countries in the EU, reconstruction of Ukraine and energy transformation under the slogan “just transition”.

Duda: alliance with the US is a priority

Duda: alliance with the US is a priorityTVN24

President on regional policy

In addition to NATO and the EU, the president pointed out, Poland attaches importance to regional cooperation, including within the framework of the Three Seas Initiative, the Bucharest Nine and the Lublin Triangle. – Our regional policy, which is focused on strengthening the potential of Central and Eastern Europe, works well – said Duda.

In the president’s opinion, the role and strength of Polish economic diplomacy should increase along with the development of our regional policy. He noted that one of the priorities of diplomats should be to support the economic interests of Polish enterprises.

Duda also talked about cooperation with countries outside the Euro-Atlantic area. – Integration and strengthening of ties between strong democracies on a global scale serve to build peace and international security. We also do not forget about other countries in Asia, Africa or Latin America. The war in Ukraine showed how important the voice of these countries can be, especially in the forum of international organizations, in particular the UN – he noted.

President Duda on foreign policy

He considered the fight against Russian disinformation in the countries of the global south to be a particularly important task for Polish diplomacy.

– I hope that thanks to the tools available to the Polish foreign service, it will be possible to increase Polish international activity to stabilize the situation related to food security in the world – said Duda.

The President also mentioned the challenge of cooperation with China in the current politically difficult times. – The task facing the Polish foreign service is to rationalize relations, reduce the trade deficit and take advantage of the huge Chinese market – he enumerated.

During the meeting, the president assessed that the international space is full of distortions about Poland. According to him, it contributes to Russian disinformation. He stressed that the role of diplomats is to provide reliable information not only about Polish priorities in foreign policy, but also about what is currently happening in our country.

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak/PAP/EPA

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