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Andrzej Duda declares help for Poland's neighbor. “The army will come to defend you”

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Andrzej Duda gave an interview after the Initiative's summit Three Seas, which took place on Thursday in Vilnius. The main topic of the conversation with the Lithuanian broadcaster was security issues in the face of war in Ukraine.

When asked about Polish support in the event of a threat, the president assured that Lithuania can count on help from Poland. – It's hard for me to imagine a situation in which attacked Lithuania would not receive help from NATO, including from Poland. I'm talking about military aid and military support, he said.

– In short, Polish army will come to defend Lithuania. I can't imagine any other situation, he added.

Andrzej Duda: Possible agreement on mutual assistance

According to Duda, it would be a “disaster” and a “collapse of the alliance”. violation of the principle of collective defense, which results from Art. 5. NATO Treaty.

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The President emphasized, however, that it is possible to establish rules for assistance in situations that do not require the activation of Art. 5. – These issues must be resolved bilaterally between our countries, between our governments, because it is possible to conclude an agreement on mutual assistance. I will repeat: we are talking about situations not yet at the military level, but only at the threat level. These are two separate issues, he said.

Andrzej Duda: Europe and the USA must join forces

President Andrzej Duda, speaking about the war in Ukraine, said that The soldiers' biggest problem is the lack of ammunition. – Let's be honest: the available ammunition, as it turned out, in NATO countries is completely insufficient – he said.

– I would like to emphasize that in the near future Russia will be able to produce more than 2 million artillery shells per year. All of Europe, including the United States, must join forces to produce more missiles, especially artillery. This is necessary for us to be safe, he said.

– If NATO really wants to deter a potential attack, must produce over 2 million bullets per year – emphasized the President of Poland.

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