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Andrzej Duda for the Washington Post: Vladimir Putin must be stopped now so that American soldiers do not have to die in Europe

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Vladimir Putin dreams of rebuilding the Russian Empire. It must be stopped now in Ukraine, so that later American soldiers do not have to shed blood to restore peace in Europe, as in both world wars, said President Andrzej Duda in an interview published in the Washington Post. The president also announced that he would press the White House to invite Ukraine to join NATO at next year’s summit in Washington.

During a conversation with conservative columnist Mark Thiessen of The Washington Post, the president Andrzej Duda was asked, among other about why American right-wingers – some of whom oppose aid Ukraine – should support her fight.

– It is very easy. Right now, Russian imperialism can be stopped cheaply because American soldiers don’t die,” Duda replied. As he added, Vladimir Putin he dreams of regaining the territory of the Russian Empire and must be stopped now “lest it happen like in World War I and World War II, when American soldiers had to shed their blood and sacrifice their lives in Europe to restore peace and freedom to the world.”

The president said he was not afraid of a Republican victory in elections 2024, because “there is no doubt that United States understand perfectly well the threat posed by Russian imperialism.

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President Duda: Ukrainians need more help

When asked whether Ukraine currently has enough weapons to change the situation at the front, Duda replied that although thanks to help from the West, including Poland, the Ukrainians now have more modern equipment than Russia, the answer is “probably not.”

“We know this by the fact that they are currently incapable of leading a very groundbreaking offensive against the Russian military. In short, they need more help, the leader said.

Ukrainian soldiersMykola Kalyeniak/PAP

Andrzej Duda on the nuclear threat from Russia

Duda also referred to, among other things, to the issue of the threat of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia. He said he did not think the Kremlin would make such a move.

– I believe that the nuclear arsenal in Russia is under the collective control of many people – and not only in the power of Putin himself. So it takes more than one person to decide that,” the president said.


Ukraine wants to join NATO. Duda: We will put pressure on the White House

Commenting on the NATO summit in Vilnius and the issue of Ukraine’s future in NATO, Duda admitted that he hoped that Ukraine would receive more specific provisions and an invitation. He added, however, that he intends to put pressure on the US administration to ensure that Kiev receives an invitation to next year’s summit in Washington.

– It is not a question of whether Putin and other Russian leaders will one day stop wanting to rule Ukraine. They want to rule the world. The question is, should you let them? (…) I don’t think we can let them. We cannot tolerate border changes in Europe by force, the president said.

Main photo source: Jakub Szymczuk/KPRP

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