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Andrzej Duda in New York in the 86th Pulaski Parade. Cheers and whistles during the president’s speech

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The 86th Pulaski Parade took place in New York. Andrzej Duda, the first-ever sitting president of Poland, took part in the event. Even before his speech, some of the gathered Polish community could hear shouts of “free Poland”, “constitution”, “democracy” and “pen”. The banners included the following inscriptions: “democracy and constitution”, “I want to return to a free Poland someday” and “Polska Peace, not PiS”. There were shouts and whistles.

This year’s parade was held under the slogan “Celebrating Poland and America defending freedom”. As part of the march, over 20 floats and several dozen Polish groups, organizations and teams passed along New York’s Fifth Avenue in the center of Manhattan. According to the organizers, the parade was approximately 100,000 participants from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

For the first time in the history of the event, the President of the Republic of Poland took part in the parade Andrzej Duda. The Minister of Culture and National Heritage was also present Piotr Gliński.

Cheers and whistles during the president’s speech

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Even before the president’s speech, the gathered representatives of the Polish community could hear shouts of “free Poland”, “constitution”, “democracy” and “pen”. Some of the gathered people carried banners “democracy and constitution”, “I want to return to a free Poland someday” and “Polska Peace, not PiS”. Cheers and whistles could also be heard during Andrzej Duda’s speech.

– You know what the situation is: it has become dangerous again. Russian imperialism has been reborn, the same imperialism that pushed many of your parents and grandparents out of Poland (…) We have to defend ourselves, we have to survive, that’s why we need your support. I am here to ask for your support (…) to work for the Polish-American alliance and the alliance of America and Europe – said the president.

As he added, Polonia had great merits in “throwing off the communist Soviet shackles” in 1989 and in Poland’s accession to the FOR THIS.

– Thanks to your support, American troops are here, we are in a close alliance – he said. He added that Poland’s security is based on two pillars: strengthening defense, including through “huge purchases” of weapons from the US, as well as strengthening NATO, which is based on United States. The president said that he was proud to be the first president of the Republic of Poland to take part in the New York parade to commemorate General Pułaski.

Gliński to Polonia: Poland needs you very much

In his speech, Piotr Gliński drew attention to the importance and symbolism of the figure of Casimir Pułaski, who fought for Poland’s freedom and died in the American War of Independence.

– When thinking about it, one of the most famous Polish slogans comes to mind: “for your and our freedom.” (…) Kazimierz Pułaski is the embodiment of this spirit and this banner. His attitude, the blood shed in the fight for the sovereignty of Poland and the United States, is reflected in the national colors of our flag – said Gliński.

He added that the parade on the American Day of Remembrance of General Pulaski is an opportunity to celebrate Polish identity and tradition, and is an expression of the “unique Polish character” thanks to which Poles have repeatedly recovered from defeats and disasters. – Thanks to these character traits, Poland, a free and sovereign country, creates for its citizens the best prospects for prosperity and security in Europe – he continued.

He also talked about the importance of the Polish community for the country. – Poland needs you very much: your patriotism, your support, your pride in Polishness. Here in America, these words about patriotism and pride sound especially natural, he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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