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Andrzej Duda in the Weapons Factory “Łucznik”. The president praised the Grot rifles

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President Andrzej Duda, who visited the “Łucznik” Arms Factory in Radom, assessed that the grottoes manufactured there are “the greatest pride and export hope” of our country. He noted that they are currently being tested in the harsh conditions of the war in Ukraine.

On Thursday, the head of the Ministry of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak informed that the Ukrainians decided to order more Grot carbines from the factory in Radom. President the next day Andrzej Duda visited Fabryka Broni “Łucznik” in Radom, where, among other things, he got acquainted with the production of armaments, and also met with the board and management staff.

Andrzej Duda in the Weapons Factory “Łucznik”Marek Borawski/KPRP

Duda: Groty is one of our hits

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During a later statement for the media, Duda assessed that Grot is the “greatest pride and export hope” of the Radom factory. – Today it is also one of our hits, you can safely say, export ones. We are looking forward to future contracts.

The president reminded that Groty is currently being tested in “hard conditions war in Ukraine“Our weapons, our grottoes, are used by Ukrainian soldiers defending their homeland against Russian aggression,” he added.

– Experience gained at the front, from front-line conditions, combat on Ukraine they are of great value, they are extremely valuable, because thanks to this, in recent years, especially in the last year, work is underway here, very detailed, in huge details, precisely on improving the solutions that are in this weapon – he continued.

Andrzej Duda in Fabryka Broni “Łucznik” in RadomPAP/Piotr Polak

Duda reminded that in early January, Błaszczak approved an agreement increasing the number of Grot carbines by almost 70,000 ordered for Polish army and delivered by Łucznik from Radom. – In total, 200,000 of these rifles will be delivered to the army in the coming years – the president said.

– We want this weapon to be the dominant weapon in the Polish army, generally in the Polish Armed Forces, in Polish services. We want to be self-sufficient in this respect, we want the weapons to be manufactured and serviced here, so that we are responsible, at least in this respect, for the armament – Duda explained. – What does it matter? It is of great importance for the security of the Republic of Poland also for the future, for the development of our defense potential – he concluded.

Andrzej Duda in the Weapons Factory “Łucznik”Marek Borawski/KPRP

Grottoes, among others, for Ukraine

In 2022, after the start of Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine, a number of Grots were handed over to Ukrainian soldiers as part of the equipment assistance provided by Poland. In addition, an unknown number of Arrowheads were sold to the US Special Forces Command, as well as to an unknown country in the East African region.

Developed by “Łucznik” in cooperation with the Military University of Technology, the Grot 5.56 mm assault carbine was created as a result of the Modular Small Arms System (MSBS) project, implemented as part of the TYTAN Advanced Individual Combat Systems (ZISW) program. The modular design provides the ability to quickly adapt to the user’s needs, and the carabiner can be available in many configurations and versions, both in a classic and bullpup system. The first copies of the MSBS Grot entered the equipment of the Territorial Defense Forces in 2017, and from 2019 they are also included in the equipment of operational troops.

Grot carbine, manufactured by Fabryka Broni “Łucznik”Weapon Factory “Łucznik”

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Main photo source: Marek Borawski/KPRP

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