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Andrzej Duda on Fox News “Tusk has already violated Polish law and constitution”

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– The closer the ties between Europe and the United States, the safer Europe is and the greater the chance that we will be free from Russian influence – said Andrzej Duda in an interview with Fox News, which is considered conservative. In the interview, the president praised cooperation with Donald Trump and stated that “Tusk has already violated Polish law and the constitution.”

Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland on Sunday, she quoted fragments of the president’s interview on the X platform Andrzej Duda with the American station Fox News. During the interview, Duda was asked about the former US president Donald Trump. He assessed that during Trump’s presidency, Poland had very good relations with the United States. – The US President became involved in the cooperation of the Three Seas countries, we signed many economic contracts that were fundamental for Poland, including the supply of liquefied gas, and we started serious cooperation in the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Poland. These were actions that greatly strengthened the ties, including economic ones, between our countries, he said.

Duda asked about elections in the USA emphasized that, first of all, the choice belongs to the voters of the United States. – I think it is at least inappropriate if politicians from Europe try to tell Americans what president they should choose. It is the Americans who choose the president and it is the Americans who know what president will be the best for them and the best for their country, he added.

Questions about cooperation with Tusk

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During the interview, a question was also asked about the president’s cooperation with the government Donald Tusk. Andrzej Duda replied that he belonged to the “conservative wing and it is obvious that we will differ in our approach to politics and our vision.”

The President of Poland assured that he “is open to talks and is fulfilling his role.” He also argued that “Tusk has already violated Polish law and the constitution,” which was noted on a TV station considered to be conservative. Duda gave an example of violating the act, among others, by introducing changes in public media, as well as an attempt to dismiss the national prosecutor.

“The closer the ties between Europe and the United States, the safer Europe is.”

When asked about military spending, he noted that Russian aggression against Ukraine and the resurgence of Russian imperialism were treated very seriously as a threat to security. As he explained, “for us, this means, above all, the need to strengthen our defense.” – Hence, last year we already spent 4 percent of our GDP on defense. These are huge arms purchases. First of all, we implement them in the United States, he explained. During a conversation with Fox News, President Duda noted that “a close alliance between Poland and the United States, as well as the strongest Euro-Atlantic ties, are, in my opinion, the interests of Poland and Europe, but also the interests of the USA.” – Historical experience teaches us that the closer the ties between Europe and the United States, the safer Europe and the greater the chance that we will be free from Russian influence, he said. The President reminded that in the first half of 2025, Poland will take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union. – The first priority will be to strengthen Euro-Atlantic ties. That is: more Europe in the United States, but also more USA in Europe – he noted.

Main photo source: Grzegorz Jakubowski/KPRP

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