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Andrzej Duda: without peace we can forget about economic development

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The key to the success of our generations is peace. If there is no peace, we can forget about economic development, said President Andrzej Duda during a speech at the University of Shanghai. He also compared the economic growth curves of Poland and China over the last 30-40 years, which – as he emphasized – are almost identical.

Duda, during a meeting with students of Fudan University in Shanghai, talked about Poland's transformation and development in recent decades. In his opinion, our country is probably currently experiencing the greatest period of prosperity in its history.

President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda during a lecture and meeting with students at Fudan University in ShanghaiPAP

Duda: the key to the success of generations is peace

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He also compared Poland's economic growth curves China over the last 30-40 years, which – as he emphasized – are almost identical. – When I look at Poland and China, I see not only the same development trends in terms of economic and infrastructure issues. But I also see the same social dynamism, the desire for success and the awareness that nothing is impossible, noted the president. – The key to the success of our generations is one word: peace. Others will say: peace to be able to develop and build. If there is no peace, tranquility and balance, it is difficult to think about economic development, and your and my dreams will become only illusions and academic speculations, Duda said to the students. He emphasized that peace is not only the absence of wars, but also the absence of striving for them. It is also supposed to be the territorial integrity of all countries in the world and the sacred principle of the inviolability of borders.

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As he argued, the stability of borders in Europe after 1945 became the source of its development and prosperity. – After 1945, over the years we developed a system in which war between European states simply makes no sense. It was known that it would not bring any solution; it would not cause anything but suffering, economic collapse, the flight of investors and capital, the emigration of young and talented specialists, and ultimately the civilizational dysfunction of the aggressor state. The senselessness of war results from the fact that there are few oppressed nations in the world today. The vast majority of modern peoples have their own states. Nothing threatens their languages, their identity and their way of life – emphasized Duda.

Duda: the role of the state is to contribute to stability

As he admitted, China is a certain point of reference for him. – When I look at the map of today's China and the map of the Qing Empire, I see differences and I see territories lost, for example as a result of the actions of neighbors or secession after the Xinhai Revolution. So what makes today's China, after all a great world power and a nuclear power, not seeking revenge, not questioning the independence of its smaller neighbors and recognizing its borders, even those that – perhaps – someone would consider unfavorable? I think it is a matter of responsibility and full awareness that the role of the state is not to build myths, but to ensure a decent life for its inhabitants. China knows this very well. They also know that the role of a world power is not to threaten others, but to contribute to the stability and development of the entire world, the president said. – If we want to behave like responsible countries, our challenge is not to move in the cage of national egoism, but to contribute to building a just world. Because only in such a just world there is what I said: no wars and mutual territorial claims. And justice between nations means getting rid of an exploitative approach, he added. The president also said that it is the duty of wealthy societies to take care of those who are on the path of development. As he argued, responsibility must be based on the recognition of the equality of the world's nations, and not on a mentoring approach to the countries of the Global South; it must also take into account their legitimate economic interests. – We, the rich North, must always remember this. There is no peace without global justice and there is no peace without all countries rejecting the primitive cult of conquest, he added. President Andrzej Duda is in China on a several-day visit, for example on Monday he met with PRC leader Xi Jinping.

Main photo source: PAP

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