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Andrzej Duda's visit to China. He wants the Asian market to be opened to meat from Poland

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The Polish president set off on the night from Friday to Saturday a few-day visit to China. On Monday, when political talks are scheduled in Beijing – first with Prime Minister Li Qiang, then with the chairman of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Parliament, Zhao Lej, and later with the leader of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping.

President: We want to achieve greater opening of the Chinese market to our agricultural products

The topics discussed in China will include economic and security issues, including China's wider opening to meat products from Poland, increasing Chinese investments in Poland and presenting the Polish perspective on the situation in the region.

– We want to achieve greater opening of the Chinese market, primarily for our agricultural products. We will sign several agreements, but the most important are the ongoing efforts which, I hope, will be successful in terms of opening the Chinese market to Polish poultry – Duda told journalists at the Warsaw airport. He expressed hope that the Chinese market will also be opened to beef from Poland in the future.

He announced that his talks with President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping will also concern increasing Chinese investments in Poland.

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Andrzej Duda: The visit to China is of great importance for security

– The political component will also be very important. We have a war in Ukraine, but we also have… hybrid attack by Belarus on the Polish border, where the Belarusian authorities have been pushing migrants against us for three years, forcing them to try to cross the border illegally – added the president. This – he added – “is related to economic issues when it comes to cooperation with China” and the idea of ​​​​the Belt and Road – the creation of land communication routes enabling deliveries of Chinese goods to Europeas well as the export of goods from Europe to China.

– There are two basic elements of this trail. Railway trailthat runs through Ukraine, and the second railway route that runs through Belarus, said the president. He noted that transport along the route through Ukraine is obviously disrupted by the war “and deliveries along it are very difficult, sometimes simply impossible, while the route through Belarus is today exposed to restrictions resulting from this. hybrid attack carried out by the Belarusian authorities to the Polish border.” He announced that this would be one of the topics of his talks with Xi Jinping.

He noted the friendly relations between China and Belarus “for decades.” – I would like to present this situation to the chairman and tell him what the realities are. Similarly, I will present him with the entire security situation in our part. Because this visit, in my opinion, does of great importance for safety. We all know that China is a superpower; we know that they have friendly relations not only with Belarus, but also with Russia. Today, Russia is the aggressor in Ukraine and I will certainly want to talk to President Xi Jinping about it, he said.

He emphasized that political issues are linked to economic ones, and the future ending of the war in Ukraine also requires discussion. He added that relations between China and Russia are of a partnership nature. “It is no secret that China's influence, including its influence on Russia, is certainly enormous.” – To present our view on this issue President Xi Jinping, In my opinion, it is crucial, he added.

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