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Andrzej Dziuba will no longer be the bishop of Łowicz. The faithful did not hear that it was due to covering up pedophilia

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The priests who announced the departure of Andrzej Dziuba from the bishop’s office on Sunday during masses in the Hunting Diocese did not mention that it was due to covering up pedophilia. “People may fall out of a rocking boat. Our faithful, our colleagues,” warned the former episcopal vicar in a text message sent to deans.

The bishop of Łowicz, Andrzej Dziuba, wanted to defend his faithful against evil. Now the same faithful are protected from bad information about their pastor. During Sunday mass, they learned that Andrzej Dziuba had resigned as bishop, but they did not find out why.

– The content of this announcement is generally available on the websites of the Apostolic Nunciature and the Polish Episcopal Conference – emphasized Fr. Dr. Dariusz Kuźmiński, parish priest of the Cathedral Parish in Łowicz. The faithful are asked to look for the reasons for the bishop’s departure on the Internet.

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– The diocese decided to censor it. Maybe someone won’t find out, maybe the faithful won’t have anything to think about – says Tomasz Terlikowski.

Catholic journalist Tomasz Terlikowski revealed the content of the text message that a close associate of the dismissed bishop – former episcopal vicar of the diocese, Father Sławomir Sobierajski – sent to the deans. He appealed to tone down emotions related to the dismissal of the ordinary, because – as he claims – “people may fall out of a rocking boat. Our faithful, our colleagues.” He warned against journalists and their revelations. He asked that only the information about the bishop’s resignation be read from the pulpit.

Poles are moving away from the Church. Father Paweł Gużyński indicates the reasonsJarosław Kostkowski/Fakty TVN

Comment by Błażej Kmiecik

– Once again we encounter this clerical mentality that we have the truth, watch out for the media – emphasizes Father Dr. Jacek Prusak, a Jesuit and theologian.

In a separate statement, the apostolic nuncio explained that Bishop Dziuba was resigning because of his negligence in revealing cases of child sexual abuse by priests under his command. The faithful did not hear about this during Holy Mass.

Błażej Kmieciak, former head of the state commission on pedophilia, also did not hear from his parish in Łowicz. He knows of at least two priests convicted of sexual crimes. Bishop Dziuba was to receive one of them in a fatherly manner. – For injured people and their families, the ways of communicating in various ways are painful and difficult for them – notes Błażej Kmieciak.

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Conspiracy of silence

This is the second high-profile resignation in the Polish Church in recent weeks. In February, Archbishop Andrzej Dzięga, the Metropolitan of Szczecin-Kamień, passed away. He was also fired by the Vatican for protecting sexual predators in cassocks, although he explained his dismissal by illness.

– When it comes to the fight against clerical pedophilia in Poland, absolutely nothing changes here. Omertà (conspiracy of silence, a term related to the Sicilian mafia – editor’s note) is still as hard as a rock – says Father Professor Andrzej Kobyliński, head of the Department of Ethics at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University.

The conspiracy of silence lasts several days before the bishops elect new authorities of the Polish Episcopate. – If the new episcopal authorities do not have a new mentality, we will be pouring old wine into new wineskins and it will not achieve anything – says priest Dr. Jacek Prusak.

In the afternoon, information about the reasons for the bishop’s dismissal appeared on the website of the Łowicz diocese, in addition to the earlier laconic announcement.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański/PAP

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