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Andrzej Halicki and Krzysztof Hetman in “Fakty po Faktach”. “He really does not participate in the competition for the most moronic sentence, he is the prime minister of the Polish government”

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We have propaganda that does not reflect reality at all, said Andrzej Halicki, an MEP of the Civic Platform, in “Fakty po Faktach”, commenting on the parliamentary speeches of the government during the debate on the dismissal of Minister Mariusz Błaszczak. Krzysztof Hetman, MEP of the Polish People’s Party, called the Sejm’s decision to defend the minister “another day of shame and disgrace of PiS”.

Deputies in the Sejm debated the motion to express a vote of no confidence in Mr Mariusz Blaszczak. In the vote, the majority of the Sejm decided that the head of the Ministry of National Defense will remain in office. The vote was preceded by a debate. – Poles already know that Minister Błaszczak only creates trouble. We need a minister who will guarantee security – said Czesław Mroczek (KO). – Today, the weakest link in the state defense system is Mariusz Błaszczak – added Mirosław Suchoń (Poland 2050). Radoslaw Fogiel (PiS) stated that there were no “serious allegations or documented facts” in the opposition’s application. The head of the Ministry of National Defense was defended, among others, by the Prime Minister.

Halicki: The current government is making a circus out of security

During his speech in the Sejm, Minister Błaszczak accused the opposition of “making a political circus out of Poland’s security”. – The current government seems to be making a circus out of security – commented Andrzej Halicki, an MEP from the Civic Platform, who was a guest of “Fakty po Faktach”. – We have propaganda that does not reflect reality at all – he added about the parliamentary speeches of the government. “Apart from conferences and non-transparent purchases in (South – ed.) Korea, I don’t see any activity,” he said.

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki he said, in turn, addressing the opposition that during its rule, that was probably why “the reset was done Russia“to “reset also Polish army“It must be said that you have unfortunately succeeded,” said Morawiecki.

– We know that the prime minister is a fictitious prime minister and someone else makes the decisions, or we will treat some of his press conferences through our fingers, but he really does not participate in the competition for the most moronic opinion, he is the prime minister of the Polish government. He represents us outside. This strikes at Polish security and the seriousness of the Polish state – commented Halicki.

Krzysztof Hetman and Andrzej Halicki in “Fakty po Faktach”TVN24

Hetman: it’s another day of shame and disgrace for PiS

PSL MEP Krzysztof Hetman also referred to the Prime Minister’s words about the “reset”. – Minister Błaszczak wanted to reset, throwing one of the most important generals under the car, when he had previously had a lot of platitudes and truisms on his lips, saying that he “stands behind the Polish uniform.” At the time of the trial, he could not behave honorably, but he put all the blame on the general – he said, referring to the dispute between Minister Błaszczak and General Piotrowski.

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He called the Sejm’s decision to defend Minister Błaszczak “another day of shame and disgrace for PiS.” – (Minister Błaszczak – ed.) is an ordinary coward, hiding behind the back of one of the veterans from Afghanistan – he added.

– In 2022, Minister Błaszczak said that 65 percent of the funds spent from the state budget for the modernization of the Polish army will go to Polish defense plants. This year, exactly 75 percent of all money, and we are talking about gigantic money, about billions, will be transferred to international corporations, to foreign armaments companies, said the MEP on the purchasing policy of the Ministry of Defense headed by Mariusz Błaszczak.

Halicki: the government does not reach for EU money, because Europe is supposed to be bad

As of January 1, 2024, the amount of the childcare benefit will increase from PLN 500 to PLN 800, according to the amendment to the Act on state aid in raising children, which was passed by the Sejm on Friday. The change in the amount of the benefit will take place ex officio, without the need to submit an additional application.

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We’re back in theater again. On the one hand, we hear this: there will be money for this project, but only after we win the elections. As we said, “I’m checking”, do it if you have money today, it’s obviously a refusal – commented Andrzej Halicki. – We know where the money is. The money is in Europe. 300 billion KPOs. Another in the long-term budget. We really have a lot of resources that the government does not reach for, even if they are on the table. Help for Ukrainians, two billion to take, just fill out the application – he added.

The government, according to Halicki, does not reach for this money “because Europe is supposed to be bad”. – This Europe, which defends us, which gave us the opportunity to develop and which today also gives us help when we need this help. After all, the wave, the wave from the east, this wave of migration, is huge, it is over a million permanently, and actually more people – he added.

Hetman: PiS wants to talk about a problem that does not exist

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki confirmed in early July at a press conference that the government plans to hold parliamentary elections and a referendum on the relocation of migrants at the same time.

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– (PiS – ed.) wants to arouse emotions, weakens in the polls, neither 800 plus, nothing has prevented their quotations from moving up, they have no idea. (…) They simply want to arouse emotions in society, so as not to talk about inflation, about Mr. Błaszczak’s purchases. They want to talk about a problem that does not exist – said Krzysztof Hetman, MEP.

– This is a completely fictitious topic – added MEP Halicki. – The head of the ECR (European Conservatives and Reformists – ed.), i.e. Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister (Italian Giorgia – ed.) Meloni, is the one who is most willing to adopt any obligatory mechanism (relocation of refugees – ed.).

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