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Andrzej Szwan, drag queen Lulla la Polaca, ambassador of this year's edition of the Daffodils campaign

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“Humanity has agreed that dying with a weapon is more beautiful than without a weapon. So that's what we wanted to do” – yes, years later, Marek Edelman said about the outbreak of the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto. He was 24 years old when he became one of its leaders. Andrzej Szwan, who was 20 years younger than me, was miraculously saved. Now Szwan has become one of the ambassadors of this year's edition of the Daffodils campaign.

His story took place in Warsaw, in Muranów. – I was thrown over the wall of the ghetto that existed there. I was only four years old – says Andrzej Szwan, ambassador of the Żonkile campaign and drag queen Lulla la Polaca. Thanks to this, he survived. Before the approaching eighty-first anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, he talks about who he is. – My name is Andrzej Szwan. I am a Polish Jew. I'm Lulla la Polaca – Szwan introduces himself. The life of Andrzej Szwan, an entertainer, is filled with colors. The reality in the ghetto was completely different. Jews imprisoned by the Germans died of hunger, disease or slave labor.

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– What I could remember as a four-year-old child was only the general fear of the people around me. There were many, many, many children like me and smaller than me in the ghetto, says Szwan.

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Szwan lost contact with his biological parents. His aunt and uncle – Janina and Apolinary Stawscy – became his mother and father. They surrounded him with care and great love. – They made it possible for me to be with you today – says Szwan.

Actors, volunteers and activists are ambassadors of the Daffodils campaign

Andrzej Szwan is among this year's ambassadors of the Daffodils campaign. The paper flower is a symbol of memory of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the Jews who fought for humanity and freedom in 1943. – On April 19 in Warsaw you will be able to meet our volunteers, volunteers of the POLIN Museum, handing out yellow daffodils – announces Zofia Bojańczyk from the Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews. The ambassadors of the campaign also include actors, volunteers and activist Bogumiła Siedlecka-Goślicka, known as “Angel on Resorach”. – So that we really approach each other with tolerance, acceptance and respect for other people – says Bogumiła Siedlecka-Goślicka.

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– Let's remember that this will never happen again. So that these blooming daffodils, which appear as if they were buds and flowers, smile at us all, let us smile at each other and at the people we meet in the same way – Andrzej Szwan appeals.

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