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Angela Merkel on horseback – a monument in front of the German museum

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In front of the Tempel Museum in Etsdorf, Germany, a nearly three-meter-high statue of Angela Merkel on horseback has been erected. Its author – Wilhelm Koch – said that the outgoing chancellor impressed him very much and hence the idea to commemorate her.

The equestrian statue of Merkel’s resigning after 16 years of rule was unveiled in front of the Tempel Museum in Etsdorf in the Amberg-Sulzbach district. It shows the chancellor sitting on a horse, wearing a jacket and trousers. The chancellor’s hands are formed in a characteristic rhombus – the so-called “Merkel rhombus”. The sculpture is 2.7 meters high. It was made of lightweight recycled concrete using a suitable 3D printer.

Angela Merkel statue on horsebackDPA / Associated Press / East News

The Merkel Monument was designed by the artist and director of the Tempel Museum, Wilhelm Koch. Merkel is sitting bareback on a horse, the bridle and saddle are missing. “It looks like she was on an equestrian vacation in the Upper Palatinate,” the artist told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily.

“The artist is not concerned with the historical truth. What is important to him is that the first and probably the only statue of the chancellor on horseback does not stand on the city pedestal, but on the grass in the village of Etsdorf, and that it was not erected by some higher level, but was realized (.. .) thanks to the efforts of many volunteers “, writes” SZ “.

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The author of the sculpture did not want any financial support from politicians. He himself does not feel connected to any party. The monument merely expresses his personal appreciation. – I have always liked Merkel’s achievements for the country. Never say anything wrong is a gigantic achievement in itself. I was also impressed that for years in politics she had faced men – he said.

The 1.5 tonne sculpture has a composite bronze shell, which makes it “look quite classic”.


Not only a monument. The artist brewed “Merkel beer”

According to “SZ” “Merkel won’t be riding Etsdorf forever.” The author said he wanted to sell the monument in six months to raise some money for the Tempel Museum.

Koch also immortalized the chancellor in a liquid form – in the form of “Merkel beer”. The light beer was brewed especially for the unveiling of the monument, informs the daily “Bild”.

Main photo source: DPA / Associated Press / East News

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