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Ania disappeared 28 years ago. The police checked a new lead. “Dozens of small cubes found”

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A man from Simoradz contacted the brother of Ania Jałowiczor, who went missing 28 years ago, and provided a new clue. – The police dug up the indicated place. There used to be fields and meadows there, today there are self-seeded trees. Therefore, georadar could not be used. Several dozen small cubes were found – says the missing woman’s brother, Mr. Dominik. Investigators are examining the bones. They also reached the people indicated by the informant.

Ania Jałowiczor disappeared on January 24, 1995. She was 10 years old. Around 8 p.m., she left a school carnival party in Simoradz, a small town near Cieszyn, where she had been living for half a year. She was accompanied by a friend to whom she was to tell at some point that she would go on her own. She was less than a mile from home. She never got there.

The story was recalled by TVN24 reporter Małgorzata Marczok in the report “I’ll go alone.”

After several months of searching, the police discontinued the case, concluding that the girl had probably been abducted. However, the police X-Files, i.e. the undetected crimes team, are still investigating the case to this day. At the turn of 2022 and 2023, a new clue appeared.

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The informant “battled with thoughts and guilt”

Her brother Dominik Jałowiczor, who was two years younger than me, did not stop searching for Ania. He publicized the case. He offered a reward of PLN 100,000 for helping to find his sister. He made his phone public.

In December last year, he was contacted by a man who claimed to know something about the case and provided some information. They met. As Mr. Dominik says, the informant then asked how the case turned out. He never mentioned the reward. It is not known why he spoke only after so many years. – He said that he had been struggling with his thoughts and guilt for almost 30 years – reports the missing woman’s brother.

Mr. Dominik informed the police about everything and refrained from disclosing the details publicly until the trail was checked. The police then told us that they verify a new lead and they didn’t reveal anything else.

Dozens of small cubes

– The informant pointed out a place in a town near Simoradz where, after Ania’s disappearance, the ground was unnaturally piled up – says the missing woman’s bartender. She adds that her sister may have been buried there. A few months after the girl’s disappearance, in the spring of 1995, the informant also allegedly noticed a specific smell in that place.

The family still hopes to find Ania alive, who would be 38 today. – But we would also like to finally find peace and at least celebrate the funeral and close this chapter – explains Mr. Dominik.

Anna Jałowiczor disappeared in 1995. This is what an adult woman might look likepolice.pl

– Last Thursday and Friday, the police dug the indicated place. There used to be fields and meadows there, today there are self-seeded trees. Therefore, the GPR could not be used – reports the missing woman’s brother, who participated in the investigation activities.

The area was also disturbed by the construction of a road that did not exist 28 years ago.

– Several dozen small cubes were found – says Mr. Dominik about the results of last week’s search.

The informant also pointed out two people who may have had something to do with Ania’s disappearance.

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One of the named persons is dead

We asked the police whether the found bones had been examined and whether the indicated persons had been identified and interrogated.

Ania Jałowiczor disappeared in January 1995private archive of the missing family

– Police officers from the Undetected Crimes Team of the Criminal Department of the Police Headquarters in Katowice continue to investigate the disappearance of Ania Jałowiczor. Taking into account the nature of the case, and in particular the period of time that has passed since the disappearance, it should be emphasized that most of the activities are non-procedural, which means that the results of the undertaken activities, such as new threads or starting points, are not made public and are not widely commented on, among others. due to the need to counteract possible violations of third party personal rights – Olaf Burakiewicz from the press team of the Silesian Police informed us.

– With regard to the “new lead” in the case published in the media, I would like to inform you that the activities carried out by the police did not lead to positive results. In the case of Ania Jałowiczor, people and places that may be related to the girl’s disappearance were identified. According to the report of the person providing the information, the knowledge provided is only his or her observation articulated after more than twenty-five years. Of the indicated persons, one has been dead for a quarter of a century, and none of the indicated persons can be linked in any way to the event that occurred in 1995. – said Burakiewicz

As he added, in the place indicated as a burial, “no traces were revealed that could indicate that it was the place where the body of the missing person or anyone else was hidden.” – Small objects were found, initially identified as elements of the skeletal system of unknown origin. Efforts are underway to identify the obtained bone material. However, no objects of any origin were found that could be directly attributed to the human skeletal element (skeletal bones are harder and larger), remains of clothing or items that could be at the disposal of both the missing person and another person – said Burakiewicz.

The spokesman added that the information obtained, in particular regarding the indicated places and people, as well as the findings previously made in the case and the information available to investigators, are still of interest to the police. He also assured that if any information is obtained that deepens the knowledge acquired, the activities will be continued.

She often looked out the window and asked about the time

Ania has been a fourth-grade student at the primary school in Simoradz since September 1994. Previously a town located near the border with Czech Republic she visited very rarely, for short family gatherings. Her grandmother lived here, with whom her siblings moved in when their parents went to work abroad.

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On January 24, 1995, a school party took place. Ania’s guardians and friends recall that the girl was absent, often looking out the window and asking the teacher about the time. When asked if she was having a bad time and wanted to go home, she replied in the negative.

After playing, most of the children moved in groups towards their homes. Ania went alone in the opposite direction – she was going to her grandmother’s house. The road was a kilometer long and led between local ponds. To this day, it is not known what happened and the girl never reached her destination. The investigation files include reports from witnesses who heard the squeal of a child (probably a girl) and the sound of a car quickly driving away. For some time, the police were looking for the driver of a light-colored Fiat 125p or Lada, which was said to have appeared near the school in the days preceding Ania’s disappearance. None of these actions brought any results.

Main photo source: private family archive

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